Best Garchomp Build in Pokemon Unite

Best Garchomp Build in Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite is a mobile MOBA game where you play as a Pokemon. You will need to choose a character that belongs to a certain role and form a team with other players. After that, you will be able to participate in a standard MOBA match and fight teams consisting of other Pokemon.

Garchomp is a quite popular and strong character, and you may want to play it. However, you will need to build this Pokemon properly to maximize its strength. This guide will tell you about the best build for Garchomp in Pokemon Unite.

Best Garchomp Skills in Pokemon Unite

Garchomp in Pokemon Unite is an All-Rounder character, meaning it is like a hybrid between tank and damage dealer that is able to fight on the front line. The Pokemon is good for the top lane and jungle, and the first skill you should pick at the beginning of the match is called Bulldoze. Your later choices should be Dragon Rush and Dragon Claw. These skills allow you to charge the opponent’s position and deal lots of damage along with crowd control.

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Best Garchomp Items in Pokemon Unite

Garchomp in Pokemon Unite is a strong attacker that is able to charge the enemies’ position and deal a lot of damage. Also, the Pokemon is good at distracting opponents. Your item picks should increase Garchomp’s mobility and damage. However, you may want to pick something that will make your Pokemon more survivable and tougher in situations when the opposing team can easily focus on you.

The list of best Held Items for Garchomp is as follows:

  • Attack Weight
  • Float Stone
  • Muscle Band
  • Assault Vest
  • Rocky Helmet
  • Scope Lens

As your Battle Item, you can pick one of two options. The first one is Eject Button, and it is a safe and stable item. The second one is X Attack, which can increase your damage, but you should be careful and use it properly.

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Best Garchomp Build in Pokemon Unite


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