Best Tsareena Build in Pokémon Unite

Best Tsareena Build in Pokémon Unite

Pokémon Unite is a representative of the classic MOBA genre but in the Pokémon universe. Since you are playing with other players in teams of 5, it is extremely important to choose the right Pokémon. And the right build for your playstyle also plays an important role. In this guide, we will tell you about the best build for Tsareena.

Best Tsareena Build

Of course, there is no universal build that fits any task, so we will discuss a few. The first build is balanced and its main part is diving.

Your main Movesets are Triple Axel and Trop Kick. They will allow you to dive and also the combination of slowing the enemy and increasing attack speed will help you dominate.

Take the Eject Button as a battle item. For the Held Items, get the Buddy Barrier and the Focus Band so you can live longer on the battlefield. And also take Muscle Band with which you will inflict additional damage. It can be replaced with a Weakness Policy.

The second build is focused on crowd control, that is, support build. Stomp and Grassy Glide will help you with this. Also use the Eject Button for item combat, because it will give you the best moves for this build.

Also, use the Buddy Barrier to stay alive longer. Score Shield will increase your health and help you strengthen your Attack Weight. Attack Weight, in turn, will increase your damage, depending on how much you stack it.

These were some of the best builds for Tsareena.

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Best Tsareena Build in Pokémon Unite


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