Best Free Mobile Games of 2022


It’s a new year and developers are all fired up to launch exciting new titles to the mobile platform. There are lots of fantastic games that are expected to make their way to Android and iOS in 2022 and you can check out some of the best here.

So in this article we’ve compiled a list of the best free mobile games that you can get your hands on so far. It’s still very early into the year so our list isn’t very long. But rest assured, the game’s on this list are definitely worth checking out.

And without further ado, below are the best free mobile games of 2022 so far.

1 – Super Rabbit World


Super Rabbit World tells the story of a rabbit whose life often includes life situations in which he has to save his girlfriend, a deer. During this fight you will be attacked by different types of creatures, such as green slime, different types of slugs, mouse, scorpion, pig, monster eagles.


And in the end you have to defeat the giant stone monster. In addition, during these great adventures you can buy and play with your favorite character. He will also use JetPack during the game to fly to the end of the fuel. This game is a platformer genre game, which differs in 3d or 2.5d graphics.

2 – Gorilla


This game pits gorillas and humans in a survival gameplay that sees humans try to escape from the wrath of the gorillas. Can you survive the overwhelming strength of a gorilla? Well, only one way to find out. And you can also enjoy the game with friends as well. When the game starts, one “survivor” is chosen from among the players, and the “gorilla” is the “human”.


The “gorilla” wins by capturing the “survivor and the survivor wins by running away from the gorilla until the end of the game.The gorilla must use teamwork and a variety of skills acquired by eating bananas to hunt down the survivor.

3 – Yeager


In this game you take on the role of Yeager, an elite Vyderan hunter who is tasked to locate and retrieve a stolen Vyderan artifact. Your mission will take you across the mysterious Planet Ekors, where the deadliest creatures and darkest secrets dwell.


To survive you must hunt ferocious beasts and make acquaintance with alien races as you make your way towards the sealed secrets of the Vyderan clan and the lost Empire. The game features an intuitive, action-oriented combat system that allows you to choose from five powerful weapon classes — Hunting Sword, Force Hammer, Fury Blades, Flux Blaster, or Eidolon Spear — to engage fearsome creatures up close.

4 – Fading City


Fading City is an open-world survival mobile game with a wasteland city theme full of cooperation and hope. The game support players working in groups of 2-4 and the story is set at the ruins of a city called Weidu,. Under the blue fog, people struggled to survive but still could not avoid the ubiquitous blue particles.


Now you must strive to survive by freely exploring the open and huge city ruins, collect supplies, craft weapons, solve puzzles, and fight with other survivors against powerful alien species. You can also freely build underground shelters to resist alien invasion. The game has console-like graphics and is a stepping stone for future mobile games.

5 – Chimeraland


This is an open world sandbox RPG, in the game you will experience massive world exploration, a total of 4 continents over 9 billion square feet of maps for you to gather, hunt, treasure hunt and build homes. You can hunt ancient strange animals, and the big world will open up hundreds and thousands of years of creatures for you to hunt materials for making artifacts and equipment,


You can also capture them as pets and customize their appearance by devouring them in pairs. A unique copy, you can enter more than ten kinds of single-player and team copies carefully prepared for you by interacting with special furniture and large map scene elements to carry out various themed challenges. The game offers really cool graphics and a straightforward gameplay.


That is all from us on the best free games that you can play on your Android and iOS devices in 2022. We’ll continue to update the website as new and exciting games make their way to mobile each month, so keep your eyes peeled.

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Best Free Mobile Games of 2022


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