Best Food and Items Guide in Super Auto Pets


There are many different turn-based strategies for mobile devices. However, Super Auto Pets stands out for its simple yet addictive gameplay. Players assemble a team of various pets to fight against other players. Each pet has a unique skill, and different Attack and Health stats. And, also in the game, there are different Food and Items, which we will tell you about in this guide.

Food and Items Guide

Winning Super Auto Pets depends not only on the pets you choose but also on the Items you buy. Food and Items can increase Experience, Health, and Attack, and give various additional bonuses. The item shop works the same way as with pets. All goods are divided into Tiers, and higher Tiers become available after every two rounds. Therefore, to win it is very important to know what to buy.

Best Food and Items


This Food is great for summoner builds. When an animal faints, a Honey Bee appears with 1 Health and 1 Attack.

Meat Bone

This is a very useful Food that adds +5 to attack. If you have weak pets, just use Meat Bone. We recommend equipping Meat Bone on the Crab at the beginning of the game.

Garlic Armor

This Food is very good for pets with low Health. As the name suggests, Garlic Armor reduces damage taken by 2. We recommend using it with Hippo, Blowfish, or Rhino.

Canned Foods

This is a very useful item that can secure your victory in a few rounds. After use, all pets in the shop get +1 Health and +2 Attack. Moreover, this item can stack.

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This is a Food that gives +1 Experience to the selected animal. The animal also receives a bonus of +1 to Health and +1 to Attack. We recommend using it on pets that you cannot buy in the current round.

Melon Armor

This is one of the best armor in the game. A pet equipped with Melon Armor will be able to block 20 damage. So, this Food is especially effective in the later rounds.

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Best Food and Items Guide in Super Auto Pets


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