Roblox Shadow Boxing Fights
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Best Finishers in Roblox Shadow Boxing Fights

Check out our selection of the best finishers in Roblox Shadow Boxing Fights and find your favorite today!

Roblox Shadow Boxing Fights may look naive at first since you’re not really boxing but trying to guess and evade your opponent’s moves, but it’s not so simple when you add some brutal finishers that can bruise your Roblox skin and your ego.

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As the game gets more and more updates, developers introduce new finishers (or executions), and some of them are quite creative! However, they don’t come for free (except for a few). If you’re trying to be careful with your in-game cash, you will probably want to know which executions are the coolest. While they act more like cosmetics and have no influence on your ranking or fighting skills, they will give your Roblox avatar more swagger if you know how to pick the right one. Therefore, let’s explore our selection of the best finishers in Roblox Shadow Boxing Fights!

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The Best Finishers/Executions in Roblox Shadow Boxing Fights

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There are currently more than 30 different finishers in Roblox Shadow Boxing Fights. Many of them draw inspiration from random everyday objects or moves, but there are also some that are inspired by popular anime or superheroes. Except for the default finisher, only Gravity is free, and you need to pay in-game cash for all others.

We have made our selection of the top five finishers in Roblox Shadow Boxing Fights regardless of their price tag, and you can check them out below in no particular order.


One of the best things about Gravity is that it’s free! However, it also looks good, which is usually a surprise for freebies. You can literally open a purple gravitational portal above your opponent that will suck them in and transport them to whichever dimension losers inhabit.


All Naruto fans will go crazy about this one, and this finisher is not even that expensive at the price of $250. You get to burn the loser in black flames and gloat over their charred remains on the ground. It might seem cruel, but that’s the cost of defeat—sorry ’bout it.

Super Beam

It’s just shadow boxing, but your enemies still can get vanquished by some good old Kamehameha from Dragon Ball Z—if you cash out $250. Blast your defeated opponent into the ground with a shock of blue light, and there’s no way they’ll think about fighting you again so easily.

Pirate King

Pirate King costs $600 at the moment, and that price is quite worth it if you ask me—especially if you’re a fan of One Piece. The animation of the finisher is so well done, and it feels so satisfying when you see your opponent obliterated by the wave of sheer strength emanating from your punching fists.

Man of Steel

This finisher is out of this world—quite literally. Even though it is one of the priciest, with the current tag of $4,000, it is undeniably epic as you grab your opponent by the neck and transport them into the orbit—just like Superman—and then slam them down into oblivion. That’s what they deserve for challenging you!

These are our favorite finishers in Roblox Shadow Boxing Fights. Let us know in the comments about your faves. If you need more shadow boxing fun on Roblox, check out how to get the Championship Belt in Shadow Boxing Battles here on TouchTapPlay!

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Best Finishers in Roblox Shadow Boxing Fights