Best Espers to Use in Dislyte


Dislyte is an incredibly addictive RPG with beautiful music. Players must assemble the strongest team of Espers, and since every Esper in the game has unique stats and abilities, you can create a variety of teams. In this guide, we will tell you about the best characters in the game.

Best Espers to Use

As in any other game with a Gacha system, in Dislyte, characters are divided into 4 rarities:

  • 2-Star Espers
  • 3-Star Espers
  • 4-Star Espers
  • 5-Star Espers

Of course, 5-Star Espers are very strong. However, this does not mean that the rest of the Espers are weak. It all depends on which team you choose and how you upgrade the characters. Now we will tell you about the 4 best characters in the game that cannot be replaced:

  • Ye Suhua – She is a 3-Star Esper who has a support class. Her abilities can buff attack and defense on allies and heal. Although she is easy to get, Ye Suhua is one of the best supports in the game.
  • Lin Xiao – This is a 3-Star Esper that belongs to the DPS class. More than that, she’s the best DPS in the game. Her abilities can do critical hits with a 100% chance, inflict defense debuff and bleeding.

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  • Gabrielle – This is another DPS Esper. However, her abilities are best suited for a support role. She can give defense and immunity buffs to allies, and also deal massive damage and reduce the defense of enemies.
  • Sally – She is the best 5-Star Healer in the game. Her abilities can heal allies every turn, and remove debuffs. Moreover, Sally can apply attack buffs to allies.

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Best Espers to Use in Dislyte


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