How to Sell Relics in Dislyte


Relics are vital if you want to make your character stronger. Relics are used to increase your character stats, making them more efficient. You can get, sell, and update relics, but it is not so simple. Let’s find out the reason.

Relics Guide in Distyle

The first thing you should know is that relics are divided into a few groups, and you need to be into it if you want to manage your relics well. Let’s start!

  • Shoddy. They do not have any additional sub-stats, just the main stat. These are the terrible pieces. You should not use them even if you are a beginner.
  • Good. They have one other additional stat outside of the main stat. Investing in these pieces depends on the rarity of the relic.
  • Elite. The most commonly used relic has 2 sub-stats. These are still very good to invest in.
  • Superior and Flawless. These are the best relics in the game. The game divides them into 2 groups. However, if you got even 1 of them, you are lucky.

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Selling Relics in Distyle

Generally, you should sell shoddy and good relics. If you are strong enough, you can even sell elite pieces. There are 2 ways to sell relics. The first is to sell them individually. You need to open the inventory, go to the relics, and select one. You can sell them just by clicking the button. The second way is to do a bulk sale. To do it, set specific filters you want, click select all, and do a bulk sell. 

That is all with relics in Dislyte. We hope you consider this guide helpful! 

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How to Sell Relics in Dislyte


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