Best Capos in Idle Mafia


Idle Mafia is a very interesting game where you need to take a role of a gang leader that tries to conquer the criminal world. The game has lots of different activities and most of them require you to use your Capos. These characters are really important and there are many of them. So, you may want to know who is the strongest among them and we will try to help you. This guide will tell you about the best Capos in Idle Mafia.

Best Capos in Idle Mafia

Capos in Idle Mafia are very important. These characters serve as your subordinates that you can assign to different tasks. For example, you can put your Capo in charge of one of your businesses and it will help you to earn more money. However, the main role of your subordinates is to beat your enemies from opposing criminal gangs.

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Capos are able to fight your opponents and some of them do it better than others. So, you may want to know the strongest Capos and we are going to tell you about them. Here is the list of the best characters in Idle Mafia:

  • Ava Sato “AI” – She is the best Capo in terms of dodging the incoming attacks and it makes her really survivable.
  • Eugenio Rodriguez “Muertos” – This character is able to provide your team with a huge bonus to Fight Power and Lifesteal.
  • Gianluca “The Cape” – This hero deals tons of damage and he is able to wipe out your opponents if you use his firepower well.
  • Cesar y Vanessa “Outlaw Duo” – These two buff your Capos’ Fight Power and they are able to protect your characters from death for 3 rounds.
  • Chiyou Kunoichi “Shadow” – This hero is able to stun a single opponent and increase the amount of damage that this target receives.
  • Gigi Loschi “Biker” – He is able to increase the Fire Power and Health of your squad.
  • Izumi Katayama “Race Stater” – This character is able to increase Fight Power and protect her allies from stuns.

These are some of the best characters in this game and we will be glad if our guide helps you to choose the Capos that you like. Good luck in your further battles with other criminal gangs!

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Best Capos in Idle Mafia


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