Idle Mafia Guide: Tips & Cheats To Making Lots of Money

Are you looking for some Idle Mafia tips and tricks to build the biggest and best virtual mafia empire? You’re at the right place, as we have for you a complete guide for this game!

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It is a tough world out there, and you gotta do what you have to do to fulfill your shoes as a crime lord in Idle Mafia, a new idle clicker tycoon game where you rule the streets with your gang of loyal followers. Occupy streets, buy out businesses, and fight turf wars in a never ending power struggle, and watch as your scrappy little gang grows into a world-wide crime syndicate!

In our Idle Mafia tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of making money. We will explain how to run your businesses efficiently, and we will also explain the power of Capos. Let’s get started with our Idle Mafia cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to making lots of money!

Buying Businesses

To start building your gang in Idle Mafia, you will need to start a business to earn some dough first. When you first approach a new business in the early stages, you can simply buy it out with enough money, but eventually you will unlock the option to take it a little more forcefully!

Whichever option you take, the business is now yours and you get to collect the proceeds. The business will generate money over a few seconds, and you have to tap on the cash icon to collect the money. The business cannot generate any more cash until you come to collect, but that is where Capos come in!

You can also upgrade buildings to increase the amount of money they generate. You will be doing this a lot, so be sure to make use of that “max” button at the bottom right to upgrade up to the highest possible level determined by your cash.

The Right Capo for the Right Job

Capos are basically members of your gang, and they will help you run your businesses. Each Capo comes with a different set of skills which gives them strengths and weaknesses. Some Capos are better suited for businesses while others are more fitted for combat.

When a Capo is assigned to a building, they will essentially automate the building. You will still have to come back and collect the money manually, but when a Capo is running it, the money will not stop once it has completed a cycle – it will continue to raise money, so you do not have to worry about checking in frequently.

Capos can only be assigned to certain businesses. Gianluca, your starting Capo, can only be assigned to Strength type businesses. Keep this in mind when you open a lot of businesses and have to start deciding who should go where.

Capos also have special skills that may boost their money making abilities, depending on what kind of business they are stationed at. Gianluca can only be assigned to strength type businesses, and he doubles the business’ income.

As a quick reference, when you are assigning a Capo, if their skill is colored that means it applies to the business in question, but if it is grayed out then it does not apply.

One more note: some businesses require their Capos to be at a certain level before they can automate a business. If you see that the automate icon is set to OFF on a business, you will need to level up that Capo.

Street Fighting

To take new businesses, you will either have to pay out the rival gangs or you can take it by force. Since the costs to buy them out get progressively more expensive, it is usually better to opt for a street fight.

When you head into a fight, you will choose five of your strongest Capos, and the fight will play out automatically. Combat in Idle Mafia is very simple: the team with the higher power will usually win most of the time.

Check the power levels at the top corners of the screen – if you are significantly lower than your rival, back out and level up some more.

A select few Capos come equipped with skills that can only be used in combat. Again our starting Capo Gianluca is the perfect example, as he has two skills that are only used in combat: Sniper, a high-damage single-target attack, and Bullet Spray, a low-damage attack that hits the entire rival team.

These are the Capos you should look out for – upgrade them and they will be your main fighting force. These combat skills will even be upgraded automatically once the Capo is leveled up enough. A high level Capo adds a ton of combat power to your team!

Upgrading Capos

Capos require a special currency to level them up. What is that currency, you ask? Cigars, of course! Cigars are collected as rewards for completing missions, but mostly from completing Cigar Fights.

Early on in the game, you will unlock Cigar Fights. These are special fights that are not tied to the main city progression, but completing them rewards you with a ton of cigars. It is sort of like an idle game too, where your team will fight on their own and generate cigars over time.

The Cigar Fights have their own levels, and you can progress through them like playing through actual fights. The further you get in the Cigar Fights, the more cigars your team will generate for you over time. Be sure to check in every now and then to claim the cigars, because your team cannot generate any more if your stash is full.

Every day, you can also use the “Instant Fight” command once for free. This command will immediately take your current team and have them fight battles until they lose a battle.

Depending on how strong your team is, you can clear up to ten levels in the blink of an eye. Keep up with your Cigar Fights, and you should be able to upgrade all of your Capos to max in a short time.

When a Capo is upgraded, their income bonus, fight power, and HP all increase. At certain levels, fight skills will also be upgraded if the Capo has some. You can also increase the amount of stars a Capo has if you have duplicates of them from safes. Increasing their stars will increase the maximum level, granting them more potential for power. Better Capos means better money!

Activate Families for Bonuses

At Rank 7, you will gain access to Families. Families are pre-determined groups of Capos, and if you collect all of the Capos in the family, you will activate that family bonus. These bonuses range from extra cash, more fight power, increase cigar drops, and so forth.

One bonus you should get right away is the “Lightning War” family. This one requires you to own seven of the basic Capos and upgrade them to 2-star rank. When you complete this family, you unlock the ability to speed up fights by double speed, making them go lightning fast.

Since you do not have control over what you will get from the safes, just be sure to check in with the family list every now and then to see if you can activate any family bonuses. They all must be activated manually so do not miss out on them.

Keep Progressing through the Ranks

At the top of the street screen, there is a green progress bar. Every time you complete a mission, you will gain one point on the bar. When it fills up all the way, you will be able to rank up and move onto the next city. You will start from scratch again of course, but you will keep all the gems and Capos you earned along the way.

If you want to progress fast through the main story, just keep focusing on the missions. Try not to do anything until the game tells you to – like spend cigars on a Capo or level them up, as often times these tasks will be tied to a mission. You can knock out two objectives!

And that concludes our guide on Idle Mafia. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Idle Mafia Guide: Tips & Cheats To Making Lots of Money

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