Rhea is one of the most interesting characters in the game. She has one of the highest attacks and the lowest speed. Therefore, this character requires an especially good build to empower her strong stats. Read our guide and you will find out the best build for Rhea.

Best Rhea Setups in Fire Emblem Heroes

Our guide will include the best individual skills for Rhea and the best builds to make her more effective. However, comparing her to SSR or Featured characters, she can be used only for fun. If you want to achieve the best results, choose a Tier S character.

Individual Skills for Rhea

The main tip is to not pick the speed skill. Rhea is so slow that there is no real point in making her faster. It will not change anything. However, you can consider ensuring her survivability. Therefore, the res is the best stat to update. Raise it up to +10, and start to update the attack when you feel that her bulk is sufficient already.

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Tank Build 

If you want to make your Rhea a tank, use Ruinous Frost, Swap, Glimmer, Bracing Stance 3, True Dragon Wall, D/R Near Save 3, and Close Def 3. This build is especially effective when you use it with a dragon or beast that could fully take advantage of the True Dragon Wall.

Mixed Build

To make your Rhea a good mixed character, use Ruinous Frost, Swap, Iceberg, Distant Stance, True Dragon Wall, A/R Far Save 3, and Warding Breath. This build allows her to counter and kill the enemies from a distance. Despite it, Rhea still will be capable of melee fighting.

That is all with Rhea builds in Fire Emblem Heroes. Choose any build that speaks to your particular play style.

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Best Builds for Rhea in Fire Emblem Heroes


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