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Best Builds for Disco Elysium – Build Guide

Best Builds for Disco Elysium – Build Guide
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Disco Elysium is one of the best RPG games ever, most especially due to the vast number of options and customization you have at your disposal. From being an absent-minded brute to an apathetic detective, each of your choices in stats plays a huge role in how scenarios will play out in the game. This article will tackle the best and most fun builds for Disco Elysium.

The Casual Detective Build 4-4-2-2

Standard Detective build in Disco Elysium
Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

Specialization: Empathy

If you want to start off strong, then having better Intellect and Psyche is among the best options you have in the game. Having 4-4 for Intellect and Psyche allows you to have much higher chances of successfully completing checks when you’re interacting with a person. The reason we did not go for a sole focus on these two, and instead distributed a point to Motorics and Physique is because this build focuses on variability and maneuverability around your entire stats, without leaving anything behind.

The Casual Police Build 2-2-4-4

Standard Police Build In Disco Elysium
Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

Specialization: Savoir Flaire

If you want to roleplay as a generic police whose average when it comes to detective and social skills, then try out this build. The focus on Motorics and Physique (opposite of the optimal build) allows you to perform flamboyant tasks and easily pass checks throughout the game. As police enforcers are generally more adapted to do physical tasks, we reckon that investing more points into Motorics and Physique will help you do more activities in Disco Elysium that requires brute strength and agility.

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The “I Read Between The Lines” Build 6-2-2-2

Rhetoric build in Disco Elysium
Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

Specialization: Rhetoric

This build allows you to be more perceptive when it comes to reading between the lines and understanding what people are trying to say. Conversations are very crucial when it comes to Disco Elysium, and this build will elevate your social skills to the next level. With this build, you’ll be able to call out people if your character feels they are being sarcastic towards you. This can lead to creating more enemies, but you can prevent that by choosing your words carefully.

The Dramatic Cop Build 5-4-1-2

Drama Build in Disco Elysium
Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

Specialization: Drama

Bluffing is an essential skill of a cop. It can save you in multiple confrontations, especially when you have the odds against you. This build also focuses on having a built-in lie detector within your character. You can easily avoid combat and talk your way out of an argument and specializing in Drama allows you to have an easier path through your investigations. With arguments and combat out of the way, we figured that having less physique is necessary to make this build effective.

The Supernatural Cop Build 4-5-1-2

Supernatural Build in Disco Elysium
Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

Specialization: Inland Empire

This build is similar to the Dramatic Cop Build, but one that focuses on Inland Empire. Inland Empire allows you to have a huge imagination with the weirdest ideas that may or may put you in harm’s way. It also allows your character to be lenient on the supernatural side of things rather than what’s logical. This may not be the best build if you want to properly go through the investigation, but it’s a fun one to mess around with.

Built-in Spidey-Sense Build 1-2-5-4

Spidey-Sense Build with Shiver in Disco Elysium
Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

Specialization: Shivers

Have you ever wanted to have Spidey-senses so you can say “my Spidey-senses are tingling?” Then you can have fun with this build as it solely focuses on the Shivers skill, which allows you to see and sense the future. You’ll be able to solve problems with ease, without making sense to other people, but at least you solved the problem. Other characters will often be confused with your ways but if it works, it works, you know?

The All Muscle No Brain Build 1-1-6-4

All Muscle No Brains Build in Disco Elysium
Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

Specialization: Physical Instrument

Lastly, we get to one of the funniest builds we’ve tried in the game. Our All Muscle No Brain Build allows you to brute force your way into everything while maintaining high health throughout the game. Be careful of trying to talk to someone who’s definitely smarter than you (which is most people in Revachol), because they might break your fragile mind and send you into a spiraling depression. At least you can try and engage them in combat. We only recommend this build to people who have finished the game and want to experiment on different stat builds, as it takes a lot of patience and trial and error to get through the game.

Let us know if there’s anything else you would like to know about the game by leaving a comment down below!

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Best Builds for Disco Elysium – Build Guide


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