Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem Cheats, Tips, and Secrets

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Marvel fans unite! Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem lets you live through your comic book fantasies as you get to fight crime, not only using Spiderman, but also Venom! In this third-person action-adventure game, players complete missions with exciting scenarios to progress through the story and beat up the baddies on their way to the end.

Spiderman is quick and agile, which you need to use to your advantage, remembering that its more than just brute force you need to beat your opponents!

But the game is as challenging as it sounds exciting, and hence, we have compiled a list of various tips, secrets, and cheats for Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem.

Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem Tips and Cheats

Quick Health Refill

Save innocent bystanders to earn red or green orbs which refill your health.

Bonus Artwork

Scattered throughout the game are comic book icons which you can collect to unlock bonus artwork. The artwork may, some of the times, not be the best, but all of them are definitely worth unlocking.

Maximize Your Ranking

Avoid death and minimize the damage you take each level, as your ranking depends upon  your completion time, damage received, and points that you earned in combat.

Recovering Mid-Fall

If you fall while web-swinging, you can recover by sliding a finger across your screen when prompted.

Unlocking the Black Costume

Beating the game for the first time unlocks the Black Costume for you, which you can use when playing the game again on Ultimate difficulty.

Boss Rush Mode

You can test your skills in battle by accessing the Boss Rush mode in the Extras Menu, where you see how quickly you can beat each of the game’s bosses.

Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem Cheats

After extensive research by our team, there don’t seem to be any sort of cheats available for Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem (legit cheats, at least).

If you happen to find a website or some software promising you cheats for the game, it is most likely malicious and is looking to infect your device, so we advise you from not trying them!

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Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem Cheats, Tips, and Secrets


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