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Best Build in Postknight 2 | Tips & Tricks

Best Build in Postknight 2 | Tips & Tricks
Image by Kurechii
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In Postknight 2, there’s a vast array of armors, weapons, and skills available for customizing your character. With numerous options to choose from, though, crafting your ideal build can be a bit puzzling.

This game is the sequel to Postknight, created by Kurechii. It’s an indie idle RPG where you embody a titular postknight responsible for delivering packages to those in need. Your journey to become the finest postknight introduces you to intriguing characters and challenges you to confront perilous monsters along the way.

Follow this guide to make the best build in Postknight 2 and breeze through all challenges in your path.

How to make the best build in Postknight 2

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Before we start discussing the best weapon and armor, you need to learn about the different stats in Postknight. Your character has four upgradable stats:

  • Strength: increases attack and critical damage;
  • Agility: increases dodge rate and critical rate;
  • Intelligence: increases healing and magic damage reduction;
  • Vitality: increases max HP and physical damage reduction.

As you progress through stages, you earn stat points to enhance your abilities. Balancing your stats is crucial for defeating enemy groups in Postknight 2. Prioritizing Strength and Agility offers increased critical rate and damage—a smart strategy.

Yet, don’t underestimate Intelligence and Vitality; allocate points to these as well. Magical adversaries appear in every level, making Intelligence essential to resist their attacks. Likewise, Vitality is important, boosting your health and reducing physical damage from foes.

If you don’t like your stats, Postknight 2 allows you to respec all your points by using a stat reset ticket.

Best weapon and skills in Postknight 2

Image by Kurechii

Postknight 2 offers three weapon categories: Sword & Shield, Daggers, and Hammers. Sword & Shield stands out for its balanced offense and defense, making it a reliable choice. Daggers excel in speed with swift combo attacks, while Hammers are slower but boast strong attack and defense capabilities.

The best weapon choice in Postknight 2 really depends on your preferred playstyle.

For me, I prefer the agility of Daggers. Initially, Dagger users lack defense, but unlocking The Shadow Code skill addresses this issue by enhancing damage and reducing attack cooldowns after parrying an enemy’s attack. Later on, combining Sword & Shield with skills like Voyage and Moxie Trait proves to be highly effective.

Here are some amazing skills to use with each of your weapons in Postknight 2:

  • Sword & Shield: Guts Glory, Blade’s Flourish, Double Up, Thornblock, Comeback
  • Dagger: Hidden Blade, Sadistic, Assault Boost, Showstopper, Elusive Shadow, Unseen Edge
  • Hammer: Shockwave, Heavy Hands, Juggernaut, Retaliation

It is highly suggested to play around with different skills and traits to find out which build suits your platstyle in Postknight 2.

Best armor in Postknight 2

Image by Kurechii

Armor sets in Postknight 2 have various useful stat bonuses, like an ATK buff, an HP buff, Crit stat buffs, and so on. If fashion is your goal, there are many cool and pretty armor sets in the game. However, players who are chasing damage have to pick specific sets with the best buff for their builds.

Here are some popular and best armor sets in Postknight 2:

  • Oceanwing set
  • Lavaplume set
  • Exiled set

During the early stages, any armor set and weapon can suffice for players. If you encounter difficulties, try upgrading your armor and weapon before considering a change in your build. As you progress to the endgame, you will become powerful enough to handle any challenge that comes your way.

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Best Build in Postknight 2 | Tips & Tricks