Postknight 2 Gifts Guide | The Best Gifts for Each Character

Looking to learn what are the best gifts for each character in Postknight 2? Here is all you need to know in a gifts guide.

Who would’ve thought a game about delivering mail and giving gifts could be as engaging and exciting as Postknight 2? Yet, here we are, with a list of tips for the best gifts for each character in the game.

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The best gifts for all Postknight 2 characters

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Gifts in Postknight 2 fall under a few different categories: Favored, Liked, Neutral, and Disliked.

Each character has different gifts in each category, which means that the same gifts don’t grant the same heart progress with everyone. Naturally, Favored gifts are the best, so we’ve decided to focus only on those.

CharacterFavorite Gifts
Pearl Lovers’s Latte, Energy Pop, Caspid Stew, Prism Tales: First Edition, Evercheer Tea, Knight’s Cod
Larielle Hot Cocoa Float, Nice Cream Strudel, Lush Platter, Lightning Quill, Regalle Toast, Regal Blue Tea, Herba Mate
Jasper Hot Cocoa Float, Humble Dagger, Spoopy Pop, Tuffler Bacon, Wolly Comforter, Verstand Ham, Wintertide Puddling, Rose Wine Steak, Cheesy Cake
Xander Ganderlens, Lover’s Latte, Cheesy Cake, Darkberry, Granola Muffins, Beary Crepe, Festive Sparkles
Morgan Energy Pop, Eversong Harp, Spicy Sweets, Aldor Chimophone, Knight’s Cod, Sticky Skewers, Cheesy Cake, Beary Crepe, Trick-O-Treat, Iced Bloop, Caspid Honey, Festive Sparkles, Hot Cocoa Float, Ruxus Rations
Katrina Hot Cocoa Float, Nice Cream Strudel, Darkberry Parfait, Beary Crepe, Energy Pop, Caspid Honey, Griffon Egg
Flint Rose Wine Steak, Windtips, Spicy Sweets, Lover’s Latte, Caspid Honey, Grand Gem Chest, Golden Ale, Fidget Star
Chris Crystal Tree, Evercheer Tea, Beary Crepe, Barley Water, Darkberry Parfait, Spicy Sweets
Amethyst Rose Wine Steak, Map of Kurestal, Evercheer Tea, Iced Bloop, Hot Coca Float, Beary Crepe, Nice Cream Strudel, Golden Ale, Lover’s Latte

This concludes our list of favored, i.e., the best gifts for all characters in Postknight 2.

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Postknight 2 Gifts Guide | The Best Gifts for Each Character