Postknight Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


Who would’ve thought being a mailman would be this dangerous?! Postknight is a simple action RPG in which you play as the titular Postknight. These ain’t your ordinary mailmen! Armed with swords and shields, postknights strive to deliver no matter the danger!

Postknight is a simple and cute RPG that’s super fun and addicting, so we’ve got some tips for you in our Postknight cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Postknight is a pretty easy to pick up and play type of game, but don’t be fooled – it can get really challenging! Let’s get started with our Postknight tips and tricks guide!

1. Time your charge and block wisely

Knowing when to use your sword charge and shield block is the key to victory! Whenever you see magical attacks or arrows flying towards your way, you should use your shield to block.

You’ll suffer no knockback and take reduced damage. You can use your sword charge when you see a bunch of enemies lined up in front of you, or if you need to reach a projectile enemy quickly.

Do note that during a sword charge you are immune to knockback however you will still receive full damage. Be careful not to charge straight into a volley of projectile attacks!

2. Do the delivery quests first

Tapping the post with the flag on it will bring up the delivery quests. These levels are shorter than the usual levels but they’re a great way to earn materials and gold. You will also earn valuable Postknight Tokens which you need to rank up.

There can only be four delivery quests active at a time, so you should try to complete them before you do anything else. After a couple of hours the quests will cycle out and you might miss out on tokens!

You should also know that each town has its own set of delivery quests, meaning that the further you are in the main quest, the more delivery quests you’ll be able to do!

3. Use your latest gear!

Ultimately this is going to be completely up to you but we recommend sticking to the latest and greatest gear you have available. You’ll notice that the gear is split up into sets and wearing all pieces from a single set will grant you a passive bonus.

For example, wearing the full Novice Set will grant you 10% more gold. While the set bonuses look mighty tasty, we recommend just using the best gear you have at the time.

Every single piece of gear can be upgraded but the beginning pieces cap out much earlier than the later pieces, so it’s up to you if you want to sink the gold (materials aren’t as bad to come by) into them.

It should be known that the set bonuses also show up on later sets in the higher tiers with increased effectiveness (i.e. the Halcyon set has a 20% gold bonus).

4. Level your stats evenly!

This is also another point that will be up to you in the end, but we also recommend leveling up your stats evenly. All four stats are equally important and since you can’t really specialize in a specific build for your knight, it’s best to have them all equal.

The only stat that is arguably decisive is Agility which affects your critical chance and dodge rate. This is the only stat that has a chance/luck factor to it, while the others stats give you hard benefits.

5. Potion time!

The ingredients you add into your potion will determine what color it takes. We recommend leveling up the healing factor up until at least 100 HP, and then you can start working on reducing the cooldown.

Speaking of cooldown, try to keep your potion on cooldown as much as possible. It’s better to use your potion early to get a little bit of health back than later when you’re missing more health. Careful potion management will get you through the toughest areas!

That’s all for Postknight! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Postknight Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


  1. This guide seems to be feeding some players a few misconceptions, and things that are just plain wrong. DO NOT level your stats evenly. Priority should go towards Strength and Agility, then Wisdom and Vitality. Vitality does almost nothing when you put a point into it, and Wisdom increases XP gain (useless when you hit max level) and magic defence, yet agility will increase your chance to take no damage (a significant chance gain per point too) and no knockback on EVERY damage type in the game. Strength also directly increases your killing power by a large margin, so this is usually top priority for the first half of the game at least.
    The best use for your potion is low cooldown. Simple maths will show you this. The first potion will give you an increase of ~4 Hp per use every time you upgrade its healing, yet will increase the cooldown by 1 second. if you have the minimum cooldown time of 3 seconds, you will create a potion that means you wait for a third longer (33%) to gain about 4% healing (from 100HP healing on my red potion). You would need to be able to upgrade it by 33HP per upgrade to be breaking even on the amount of healing you are doing in comparison, which isn’t even close to the in-game increase. You should only increase your healing potential when you have enough herbs to immediately reduce the cooldown again, and reducing it should be an instant priority. Buy new potions ASAP as well as they automatically start with less herbs needing to be infused to increase the stats, and higher base stats. The bonus from using a potion can be discarded because of this, just in the way that full armour set bonuses should be discarded late game for individual items with better passives.
    Speaking of which, because the armour at the start of the game gives effectively no change in your ability to complete levels, you might as well stick with armour with a set bonus that you like, until you start to run into trouble. I found that the extra 10% gold gain from the first set was great to have early game when I didn’t really care about having +5 armour/attack or +8 (it makes ZERO difference).

    This information has been taken from a number of max level players and my own experience. I would say its reliable at the time I’m posting this comment.

    • I entirely agree. I am currently lvl. 99 and rank S-8, my stats are 98/100/5/2 and I’m completing S-rank quests with the imperial armour, which is only 4th tier x)
      (I barely complete them and sometimes I die, but you get the point; I’ll do them easily when I’m done farming my next armour)


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