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Postknight 2 Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats, and More

Postknight 2 Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats, and More
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Postknight 2 turns you into an adventurous knight who surprisingly is also a postman However, in an RPG, nothing goes ever as planned and there are always going to be some monsters between you and the person you will be delivering the parcel.

Postknight 2 is an idle RPG game by Kurechii and is the successor of Postknight. Even though it is an idle RPG, Postknight 2 has a lot more to offer than other idle RPGs on mobile devices. Postknight 2 has an adorable character creation system, unique weapons, upgrade systems, and many amazing NPCs with rich dialogues, some of which can also lead to romance.

If you are new Postknight 2, here is a quick guide with helpful tips to help you get started.

PostKnight 2 Tip #1 – Understanding and leveling up your stats

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Postknight 2 has a stat point system which lets you level up the character’s four different stats:

  • Strength – Increases attack and critical damage
  • Agility – Increases dodge rate and critical rate
  • Intelligence – Increases healing and magic damage reduction
  • Vitality – Increases maximum health points and physical damage reduction

Balancing these stats is crucial for success in the game. It’s a good idea to distribute points evenly among them. If you prefer a more relaxed approach, focusing on Agility or Vitality can help, while those who enjoy aggressive attacks might want to prioritize other stats. If you make a mistake, don’t worry! Postknight 2 allows you to readjust your stat points using a stats reset ticket.

PostKnight 2 Tip #2 – Understanding skills, combos, and traits

Postknight 2 - Understanding skills, combos, and traits
Image via TouchTapPlay

In Postknight 2, your adorable knight has a set of offensive and defensive skills to help them against any dangers. Players can unlock three offensive and three defensive skills right off the start for their sword and shield. It is highly recommended to check out the skills and their combos to have an easier time against enemies. For example, you can do a follow-up charge attack after using a shield.

Your character’s offensive and defensive skills can be improved by unlocking traits. By leveling up, you gain access to traits. For example, one of the initial traits, Advantage Savage, increases the critical rate against knocked enemies. As you progress, you’ll unlock powerful traits like Blood Sacrifice and Blade’s Flourish. It’s important to use traits that match your playstyle and make the most of their buffs.

PostKnight 2 Tip #3 – Upgrading armor and weapon is important

Postknight 2 - Upgrading gear
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Postknight 2 offers various armor and weapon sets for players to collect on their journey. The first set, called the Adventurer set, is available early on. Shortly after, you’ll get the Fury set, which includes awesome Fury Daggers and a 20% Attack bonus.

In the beginning, I suggest waiting for the Fury set and focusing on upgrading it instead of the Adventurer set. However, if you’re stuck at a level, upgrading any set can help. Sometimes, a small boost in damage and defense is all you need to progress through a stage. Upgrading an armor set to its maximum level also provides extra bonus buffs.

PostKnight 2 Tip #5 – Armor and weapon sets explained

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In Postknight 2, you will find four starter sets available in early game area Maille: Adventurer, Fury, Elastic, and Raider. Each of these sets has a special advantage and set bonuses. The Adventurer and Raider sets increase your maximum HP, while the Fury set boosts your attack power, and the Elastic set grants you extra dodge rate.

What’s great about Postknight is that you don’t have to wear a full set to enjoy its bonus. Once you collect all the pieces of a set, your character gets the set bonus permanently. As you advance in the game, you’ll unlock even more armor sets to choose from.

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PostKnight 2 Tip #6 – Various currencies available in-game

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In Postknight 2, there’s a special in-game currency known as crystal gems. You can earn them by completing stages and playing the game. If you’re interested, you can buy prisma gems from the store using real money and convert them into crystal gems. These special resources let you buy useful items, cosmetics, and more.

Alongside crystal and prisma gems, players also gather coins, which are essential for nearly all transactions in Postknight 2.

PostKnight 2 Tip #7 – Upgrade recovery

Postknight 2 - Upgrading HP Recovery
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In Postknight 2, your maximum HP is a crucial stat. Similar to many idle RPGs, a higher health pool helps you survive longer. Your character naturally regains some HP every few seconds in the game. If you spend crystal gems at the inn, you can enhance this recovery rate by upgrading HP Recovery.

PostKnight 2 Tip #8 – Upgrade potions

Postknight 2 - Upgrading potions
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Upgrading potions should be one of your top priorities in Postknight 2. During battles, using potions is the only way to recover large chunks of health instantly. You can talk to Alchemist Vaidya to upgrade potions. However, you will first have to collect some herbs to unlock upgrades for your potions. By upgrading potions, it will heal for more HP, have a lower cooldown period, and also increases physical damage reduction temporarily

PostKnight 2 Tip #9 – Complete wishes on the Wishboard to earn gold

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In Postknight 2, the Wishboard features daily requests from various NPCs. Fulfill these requests by collecting specific items, usually dropped by enemies. Since most items are dropped by foes, fulfilling the wishes won’t take much time. It’s an easy way for players to earn gold coins in the game.

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Have any questions or doubts about Postknight 2? Feel free to ask in the comments, and we will get back to you!

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Postknight 2 Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats, and More