Best Back to School Apps (2022)

duolingo and the researcher app

As the weather cool downs and the leaves begin to fall, it’s a sign that it’s time to trade the beach chairs for textbooks. School is starting soon and depending on where you are in the world, you might already be knee-deep into it. No matter what grade or what school you’re in, we could all use some help adjusting from sunkissed to study mode, and these apps will do just that for you. These are the best back-to-school apps of 2022.

Google Drive

Google Drive is not only useful for students, but for young professionals as well. It allows you to share documents with others as a link form. This feature saves others from having to download files through emails, which can sometimes be a hassle. You can also set it so that people can comment if you’re doing a project that requires feedback. With these features, Google Drive is very helpful in group projects, allowing multiple people to work on the same document. It’s good to save things on because if your phone breaks, you can log onto any device with your google information and access your files.

Flashcards App

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If you like to study with flashcards but want to save paper, consider downloading the Flashcards app. Applications like Quizlet have prefilled cards, which isn’t always helpful when you need to study something very specific. Fortunately, the interface of Flashcards allows you to customize the study cards with images and audio, allowing you to tailor them to exactly what you need. Flashcards can be really helpful in memorizing things, so this will definitely be useful when exam season rolls around.

Google Calendar

Using Google Calendar

For college students, due dates clashing can be extremely overwhelming. It takes a lot of adjustment to get the hang of how university work functions, and most importantly, how to get multiple things done on time. Half the battle of that is planning and organizing. There’s no better app to do that with than Google Calendar. With this, you can put in when things are due and set reminders for yourself so that managing your workload becomes easier.

The Researcher App

Another huge battle of school is research papers. Those experienced know that it’s not making the research paper that’s hard, it’s making sure you have good sources that give your paper credibility. You also need to make sure they aren’t outdated, and studies can get out of date very quickly depending on the subject. With the Researcher app, you can easily find the latest references for your research in any field.


Learning Spanish with Duolingo

If you’re taking a language course, Duolingo is an excellent supplement to your studies. This app teaches you how to use phrases in conversation in a simple and fun way. You can use it on breaks in between classes or while you’re waiting in line in the dining hall. Often in language classes, you learn the vocabulary and grammar, but not how to apply it in dialogue. By practicing with Duolingo, your learning process will be well-rounded. You won’t just learn the word for coffee, you’ll learn how to order it too.

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Best Back to School Apps (2022)


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