Not everyone you meet might be a gamer, and not every gamer you meet might want to be your friend. While it’s really easy to add someone as a friend from the global game chats, you need some genuine buddies that will stick around and devise strategies to play the game.

You can bid adieu to toxic teammates and ghosting because we have picked out some of the best apps where you can find gaming buddies. These apps are free to download and you can install them via Google Play or App Store.

Top 5 Apps Where You Can Make Gamer Friends

And this is how you can meet your co-ops, teammates, and digital buddies.

1) Discord

discord for gamers
Image via Discord

Discord is more than just an app to meet new people. It might be safe to say that Discord popularized the idea of an e-social hangout for gamers. The app lets you create or join a server based on your tastes and interests.

The channels can be customized with bots, roles, and permissions. You can connect with players through text, voice, and video. Discord also lets you share your screen and send multi-media files. To unlock more features, you can sign up for a

2) Guilded – Chat, Stats, LFG

guilded make gamer friends
Image via App Store

Guilded is another gamer chat app that connects you with like-minded gamers and lets you dive into the community. You can form your own server and add people, or join an existing one based on your interests. The servers can be customized with bots, emotes, roles, and permissions.

You can even set reminders in the calendar so you don’t miss any events. You can clash with other servers like a tournament. With voice chat, video chat, and screen sharing, Guilded makes the gamer chat experience quite immersive.

3) eBlitz – Find A Gaming Buddy

eblitz gamer chat app
Image via eBlitz

eBlitz is a relatively new and modern app designed with a gamer-first approach. The app works by matching you with other like-minded gamers across the globe. You can simply swipe right on players that you share common interests with.

The ‘Play Now’ feature allows you to join parties of popular multiplayer games instantly. eBlitz effectively lets you dodge toxic teammates via community ratings. The app lets you text or voice chat with the matched buddy through an instant Discord team chat.

4) E-Pal: Teammates On-Demand

best game chat app
Image via Google Play Store

If you’re always on a hunt for teammates for multiplayer skirmishes or co-op missions, then E-Pal might be the solution. You can meet popular streamers, content creators, make new friends, play together, and do much more.

With features like voice chat and karaoke, you can form some close bonds. You can even watch movies with your friends. Currently, E-Pal supports popular games like LoL, CS: GO, Valorant, TFT, Genshin Impact, Fortnite, and about a hundred other games.

5) Pinch – Voice Chat for Gamers, Friends & Teammates

pinch voice chat for gamers
Image via Google Play Store

Pinch has been crafted especially for mobile gamers. You can play any mobile and Pinch runs in the background and lets you voice chat with your friends. You can start a party without having to leave the game. The app notifies you whenever your friends are online and playing a game.

Pinch works fine with popular games like LoL Wild Rift, Minecraft, Roblox, and pretty much every other mobile game out there.

Use these social gamer chat apps for your favorite mobile games. You can even use them with the upcoming mobile games that are pipelined for the 2022 release.

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5 Best Apps to Make Gamer Friends


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