Knowing about some of the best Assault Rifles matter a lot in a fast-paced shooter game like COD Mobile. With good weapon choice and perfectly synchronized perks and skills, players can get easy wins. To help you all out, we have gathered a list of some of the best AR’s in COD Mobile that you should be using right now.

Best AR in COD Mobile

Here is the list of five best assault rifles from COD Mobile.

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[We have chosen the AR’s based on their stats, how effective they are at different range of engagement, and a few other aspects.]

Note: This is not a ranked list.


The AK47 is one of the best primary weapons in COD Mobile. The weapon has a high recoil rate. However, it is easily overshadowed by the high stomping power and damage that AK47 has.

  • Damage – 48
  • Fire Rate – 55
  • Accuracy – 67
  • Mobility – 68
  • Range – 58


The ICR-1 is an all-rounder assault rifle best in all aspects. It offers a great fire rate, recoil control, damage, etc. It is best suited for long-range engagements. It does have a little wide bullet spread, but once you have mastered it, ICR-1 will get you easy wins.

  • Damage – 40
  • Fire Rate – 60
  • Accuracy – 69
  • Mobility – 72
  • Range – 52


Man-O-War is a beast of an Assault Rifle that deals massive damage. It is best suited for long range and mid range engagements.

  • Damage – 49
  • Fire Rate – 50
  • Accuracy – 69
  • Mobility – 59
  • Range – 56


“Destroyed in Seconds”, is what AS VAL is capable of. It has a very high fire rate, great damage and mobility and a manageable range. With the AS VAL assault rifle, you can kill players in few seconds.

  • Damage – 43
  • Fire Rate – 80
  • Accuracy – 41
  • Mobility – 69
  • Range – 45


The DH-R is one of our personal favourites. It is one of the few ARs in the game that offers a balanced stat. It deals high damage, it has a good fire rate, accuracy, mobility and range.

  • Damage – 47
  • Fire Rate – 57
  • Accuracy – 63
  • Mobility – 63
  • Range – 54

That’s it for now, check out our other COD Mobile guides if you want help with deciding best weapons, loadout, perks, achieving particular medals or other similar things.

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