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Best Among Us Game Settings

Best Among Us Game Settings

Want to know the best game settings for Among Us? Worry no more, as you have arrived at just the right place. Among Us is one of the most sensational and popular games. It is an imposter game where players must work together to determine who the impostor is. Meanwhile, the impostor tries to sabotage critical parts of the spaceship and murder innocent crew members. Players can use custom game settings to make Among Us more fun and challenging.

Best Among Us Settings Guide

Among Us Custom Settings

In Among Us game, the host can access the laptop in the waiting room to customize settings. Before we dive into the best settings, you need to know what each setting means and does in Among Us:

Game SettingDetails
MapSelect the map
# ImpostorsNumber of imposters (1-3)
Confirm EjectsConfirm whether the ejected crew member was impostor or not
# Emergency
Number of emergency meetings in a game
Emergency CooldownTime needed before hosting another emergency meeting
Discussion TimeDetermines how long discussions are going to last
Voting TimeSet the time needed for voting out impostor
Anonymous VotesHides the voting results
Player SpeedIncrease or decrease movement speed
Crewmate visionDetermines how far crewmates can see
Impostor visionDetermines how far impostors can see
Kill CooldownTime before impostor can kill again
Kill DistanceSet distance needed to kill a crewmate
Visual TasksDecide whether to add to visual tasks or not
Task Bar UpdatesDecide how the task bar updates
# Common TasksSet the number of common tasks
# Long TasksSet the number of long tasks
# Short TasksSe the number of short tasks

The best game settings for Among Us depend on the players. By customizing the setting, the host can make the game easier for crewmates or challenge them by giving impostors an advantage. As per our recommendation, here are the best game settings for Among Us:

  • Map: Any random map or your preferred map
  •  # Impostors: Keep at least two impostors if there are more than eight players. Otherwise, you can set the number of impostors to one.
  •  Confirm Ejects: Turn it On.
  •  # Emergency Meetings: At least one or two emergency meetings is a must.
  •  Emergency Cooldown: Keep it around 20-25 seconds. 
  •  Discussion Time: 45 seconds is a good spot. You can lower the time limit if using voice chat.
  •  Voting Time: If going for a low discussion time, like 45 seconds, it is recommended to have a quick voting time, like 15 seconds.
  •  Anonymous Votes: Can either be set to on or off.
  •  Player Speed: By default, Among Us can feel pretty slow. You can set the player speed to 1.25x or 2.5x.
  •  Crewmate Vision and Imposter Vision: Depends on whether crewmates need a more difficult challenge or impostors.
  •  Kill cooldown: It should be closer to the emergency meeting cooldown. You can set the kill cooldown to 20 or 22.5 seconds.
  •  Kill distance: Use short or medium.
  •  Visual Tasks: These tasks help determine whether a crewmate is an impostor. You can either keep it on or off.
  •  Common Tasks: 1 or 2
  •  Long Tasks: 1
  •  Short Tasks:1 or 2

These were the best game settings for Among Us. If you have any questions about the best Among Us game settings, feel free to ask us in the comments!

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Best Among Us Game Settings


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