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Among Us: All Achievements List

Among Us: All Achievements List
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Among Us is a social deduction multiplayer game that saw a massive rise in the player base during the lockdown last year and early 2021. There is a massive community of players who play the game over multiple platforms, including, iOS, Android, PC, and others. 

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In that massive Among Us community, we have these trophy hunters, achievement collectors whom we often refer to as the “Completionists” who aim to complete every challenge and achievement the game has to offer. 

To help such players out in their endeavor, we have prepared a handy guide that lists all the achievements players can unlock in Among Us, irrespective of the platform. 

Among Us Achievements Complete List 

Here is the complete list of Among Us achievements with additional details pointing out how exactly players can unlock the achievements. 

  • A Taste For It – Get your first kill
  • Killer – Get five total kills (lifetime, not in one game)
  • Assassin – Get 50 total kills
  • Scourge – Get 150 total kills
  • Intern – Complete ten total tasks
  • Manager – Complete 100 total tasks
  • Taskmaster – Complete 500 total tasks
  • A Ship Adrift – Win three games on Skeld
  • Corporate Lockdown – Win three games on Mira
  • Unearthed – Win three games on Polis
  • Toppat Crewmates – Win three games on Airship
  • Never Suspect a Thing – Unknown as of this writing
  • A Well-Oiled Machine – Win a game as a Crewmate while completing all tasks
  • Saboteur – Win a game as an Impostor from sabotaging a critical system
  • Slasher – Win a game as an Impostor from killing all Crewmates
  • Survivor – Win a game as a Crewmate where you survived until the end
  • Smooth Talker – Win a game as an Impostor where the final vote led to a Crewmate being thrown out
  • Impossible Task – Complete the Card Swipe task on your first try
  • Lights Out – Get a kill while the lights are sabotaged
  • Watch me scan – Die During A Medbay Scan
  • Crewpostor – Fix A Sabotage You Caused
  • Hunger – Kill 3 Crewmates Before A Meeting
  • Sherlock – Win a game as a Crewmate with every single one of your votes being placed on an Impostor
  • Circumventer – Win An Impostor Game Without Using A Vent

Among Us is currently available on iOS, Nintendo Switch, Android, PC, and Xbox One platforms.

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Among Us: All Achievements List


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