Best 3 Star Units in Dislyte


To complete tasks in most Dislyte game modes, you will need a team of five characters. If you have just started playing, you will probably not have powerful fighters for a quick start, and you will have to create a team of the most common three-star characters. But do not underestimate the three-star characters, as the abilities of some of them surpass even the legendary five-star characters in strength.

Best 3 Star Units in Dislyte

Getting 3-star characters is very easy, as it is the most common reward you can get from any summon. After playing Dislyte for at least a month, you will have a large collection of 3-star characters, but of course, not all of them are equally strong. We have selected the four best three-star characters that you should upgrade and use as soon as you get them.

Ye Suhua

Ye Suhua is one of the best support characters that you will want to use throughout the game. Best support skills, strong attacking skills, and healing abilities – this is what you will love this heroine for and want to use her in every battle.

Unky Chai

This is a powerful character who has high attack and critical strike speed. With the help of his abilities, Unky Chai is a wonderful offensive character, and despite the recent nerf, he is still considered one of the best three-star characters.

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Chang Pu

Chang Pu is one of the best three-star healers, and thanks to her abilities, she can help the whole team alone. The higher Chang Pu’s attack, the more HP she will restore to her team, so we advise you to use her with characters that increase her damage.


If you are starting to play and you don’t have powerful DPS characters, then Freddy is what you need. Freddy has strong offensive abilities and doesn’t care about anything else. Therefore, use it with support characters, and you will be surprised how good this character is in combat.

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Best 3 Star Units in Dislyte


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