Beginners Guide for Warpath


Warpath is an exciting military strategy for mobile devices. Players will use different units, weapons, and officers to participate in various World War II battles. Also, during the battle, players can fully control their units. And in this guide, we want to tell you some tips for beginners.

Beginners Guide

From the very beginning of the game, players will have various quests in the quest log. And it would be a mistake to ignore it. By completing quests, you can learn about all the basics of the game. And also quests will help you quickly level up. The best part of these quests is that by completing them you can get all the Officers.

To replenish your army with various units, you need to use Universal Coupons for summoning. You can get them by leveling up. Players can use one Coupon or 10 at once. We recommend that you always summon 10 units at once because then the chance of summoning a 5-star unit will be higher. While summoning one unit at a time would be a waste of Coupons.

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After you unlock the Research Center, you need to focus on learning Engineering Tests. This way you can do further research much faster. Then, depending on your preferences, you will need to upgrade either all three types of units or one you like.

As in all games of this genre, alliances play a very important role. You will be able to receive help from other players and get access to various bonuses and valuable resources. Therefore, you should try to join one of the top alliances.

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Beginners Guide for Warpath


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