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Be the King Retainer Guide: Everything about Them & How to Upgrade Them & Best Retainers

Be the King Retainer Guide: Everything about Them & How to Upgrade Them & Best Retainers

Retainers are extremely important in Be the King, as they are the main source of your empire’s power. They have various stats, skills and attributes and managing them effectively will give you massive benefits. Therefore, I have decided to share with you a complete guide to the be the King Retainers in this article.

I have also published an article with tips and tricks for fellow players – make sure to read that as well for additional advice. But now let’s focus on today’s topic and let’s check out below a complete Be the King guide for Retainers!

What are Retainers & How to get more?

These are the core of your Kingdom’s Power, their attributes having a direct influence over various aspects in the game. Therefore, having strong Retainers is a must if you want to be a top player or at least be able to be competitive in Be the King.

Getting more retainers is relatively easy and you will unlock more by being active. Simply completing some missions, achievements or reaching certain milestones (like a specific character level or Power meter) will unlock more Retainers. You can also get some very good ones by making in-game purchases with real money.

Either way, you will always have a ton of retainers to choose from and many that will influence the way your Kingdom goes.

Overview of Retainers (Guide)

Your Retainers have a general set of Attributes (which directly influence your Power), but also Aptitudes and Skills.

Aptitudes vary from Retainer to Retainer and upgrading them is a very difficult process. However, doing so will increase your Retainer’s Attributes, so it’s worth doing it often. The rarer the Aptitude (higher number of stars indicate rare ones), the more difficult it is to upgrade it. Play with the various options available in order to get the best out of the potential upgrades.

The Skills can be leveled up after the Retainers spend time in the Institute studying. You can normally send just 1 to study at a time, but I recommend unlocking the next two slots as well in order to keep a steady flow. Keep sending your main Retainers for combat (those with high Strength attributes) since they will be the ones you’ll use in fights and the most important in your line-up.

Why is strength so important? Because it has a direct effect over various events and things that happen in the game – from defeating enemy bosses to completing the challenges in the Dungeon, helping your Allieance members and finally defeating opponents in your Academy.

But things are not that easy: all the other attributes a retainer has will influence various aspects of the game. Therefore, you should use all your items in the inventory to power them up in all areas in order to get the added benefits (like more troops, gold or food from the mansion and so on).

My recommendation is to only focus on two-three retainers early on – especially their strength and battle skills, then increase the number as you go up the levels and become more powerful. It is better to have a few very good ones that a bunch of mediocres overall.

Best Retainers in the game

When selecting the best retainers in the game, I took into consideration two things: how easy it is to unlock them early on and how good they are at military-related stuff.

Your list might look a bit different if you unlock other Retainers, but most importantly it can be changed by the Confidants (Wives). These, once they reach level 10 in Intimacy, start having a direct influence over the Retainers, increasing their power.

Example of how your Confidants can influence a specific Retainer

Therefore, if one of your Wives increases the Strength attribute of a specific General, then he might end up being better than the ones I’m recommending below.

But even so, my main recommendations are great to focus on early in the game in order to get the lead and a slight advantage in battle:

Chen Jinnan – You unlock him early and has Strength as a main attribute, grows nicely and has two good attack Aptitudes.
Xiao Jian – Another Strenght-only Retainer, this one has slightly less impressive skills than Chen, but is good to look at early on in the game.
Hong Chengchou – Even though he also has Intelligence as a Speciality, he’s a good general to invest in early on

This would be today’s guide on the Be the King Retainers. If you have additional questions about them, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.

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Be the King Retainer Guide: Everything about Them & How to Upgrade Them & Best Retainers


  1. For the skills upgrade, whats the difference between upgrading knowledge versus eloquence?
    Whats the difference between the different aptitudes? For example, my tokugawa has a 1star until trait and a 5 star trait? You said more stars means rarer but what does each do and which should I upgrade?

  2. Kazar – At the beginning of each Tribunal round, you can spend Tribunal points (earned by defeating retainers) or spend gold to get buffs. The buffs offered differ from round to round, sometimes it may be HP other times skills or strength. The buffs stack from round to round. Hope that helps!

  3. Some retainers have two same skills (INT), but the stars are the diffrences. Ex, Both skills are INT but the stars on the skills are 5 and 1.
    So what does the rare skills with 5star makes it better then the 1star. Is their any name on skill which makes its the best skills even if its a less star then a 5stars.

  4. a player in my server has 15 retainers only but his overall power almost 6 mill and his level now is s4..how that’s possible? no one bothered to hunt him but his retainers can wipe out those with more than 30 retainers..

    • Coma – keep your weak retainers under level 57 (just in case you’re upgrading and get a triple booster, lol). Why? Because only those who have level 60 or above can attack in Tribunal.
      Other than that, it’s easy to our all of your strength in to ONE retainer. I am at 7M power, and I have three retainers that can wipe many on my server except the elite. If I had know what to do, I would have used my upgrades on ONLY 1 or 2. Then, they would be FAR more massive than they are now.
      If all my Aptitude improving resources had gone in to ONE retainer, he would have well over 600 Apt, and be quite unstoppable like you’ve described.
      I bet what you’re seeing is someone’s second attempt at an account. Now, they know what to do, and are playing efficiently.

  5. In Tribunal, Apt is your dmg. Higher Apt higher dmg deals in tribunal. Don’t matter what type of books. Attribute is your HP. Higher attributes means more life. Skill is important as I amplified your retainers dmg in Tribunal. I got 1 retainer Toku with 1143 apt and 17mil attributes. It’s unstoppable. My Crit rate is above 50% and Crit dmg is about 500%. I can easily wipe out anyone in tribunal. But you have to build up all retainers apt too… Go in batches with a certain target in mind. Example all retainers to have 100apt. Once all have 100apt got for 2nd round to increase all to 200apts and carry on the apt. This you will get a bunch of powerful retainers when all reached 300apt you are godly in tribunal in those young server. Old server you will need all at least 500apt… Pioneer server you need all 1k to 2k… This build you won’t have much stress as its easy for you to increase their apt faster with lesser resources. If you want to have giant retainer you will need more resources. Promote your retainers slowly by setting a range to promote them when they reached certain apt. Baron 100apt, Viscount 200apt, Earl 300apt, Marquis 500apt, Duke 1000apt, Prince 2k apt. With this guide your retainer can get you good points in tribunal… King Title is also within your reach.


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