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Be the King Cheats: Tips and Strategy Guide to Complete All Missions

Be the King Cheats: Tips and Strategy Guide to Complete All Missions

Be the King is a really nice RPG game for Android and iOS where you are challenged to become the greatest king in a Feudal Japan. And we’re here to help you with everything related to the game in our Be the King cheats and tips article: a complete guide for everything you need to know to become a true master.

From recruiting and training your retainers, to marrying beautiful ladies and getting offsprings to consolidate your power and finally all the way to winning all the battles against your enemies, Be the King has it all for you. And, as I said, we’re here to help with all Be the King tips and tricks that we can share.

So let’s not waste any second and let’s see how to get better at this game by checking out all the Be the King tips and cheats in our strategy guide!

Focus on the Daily Quests
Each day, you should focus on completing all the daily quests. This is the easiest way to gain experience for your main character (aka Merit), as well as unlock all sorts of amazing rewards. So try to unlock all chests in the daily quests each day and you will never lack items, soldiers, food or money.

Follow the in-game campaign
You can only see the current campaign mission by visiting the Mansion. Make sure you do that often and always complete the campaign missions, one by one.

You can move ahead if you can and be active in the game, performing all actions as often as possible and even completing the military campaign stages and winning battles and you will collect rewards there one after another.

But do keep an eye on the main missions as the rewards you get from there are absolutely amazing and it’s the easiest way to get items and goodies that will help you move forward faster. You will also unlock new Confidants and Retainers this way.

Train your Retainers
The Retainers are basically your generals and advisors. They have a direct effect over your general Power ranking in the game and also influence everything else in Be the King: from battling against other players, to your power in various events or the amount of goodies you get from the Mansion advisors, the Retainers are the core of the game.

Therefore, you should train them constantly. Leveling them up is only part of the equation, as that won’t increase their power by much. Still, it’s something that should be done.

But you should also focus on using various items to make them better and increase their Aptitudes and Skills.

For Aptitudes, you can spend various items that you get from completing missions and in-game events. For Skills, you can also use items or send them in the Institute.

Since the institute only has 1 slot and each training session takes 3 hours, it’s a good idea to unlock at least one extra slot there – but preferably two in order to train as many as possible at the same time and progress faster.

You should focus training at least a few Retainers better than the others. I recommend focusing on the ones that have better military skills, because they will be more useful in the long run when taking part in events, or battling other players.

For example, the ones you get early like Chen Jinnan or Hong Chengchou are good ones to focus on – but you can easily turn any other Retainer into a solid military presence by using the various Beads in your inventory.

How to get more Wives (Confidants) & Offsprings
Another extremely interesting feature of Be the King is that you can marry beautiful ladies and have children with them.

They are called Confidants and they have a role greater than just being there to make kids for you: they can directly influence various skills of your Retainers, therefore making your kingdom more powerful.

In order to get more Wives, you need to be active in the game and complete in-game missions or by completing certain milestones in the game (certain power level or VIP level).

However, the easiest and most used way of getting new Confidants is by Visiting. You do so on the main map, where you will randomly encounter people. Eventually, you will meet girls that can be your wives and after meeting them a couple of times, you will marry them.

You should always keep your luck level as high as possible when Visiting in order to increase your chances of a successful encounter with a lady and visit as often as possible. You’ll get them all eventually!

Your offsprings will be born after randomly summoning one of your Confidants and it seems that you need quite a few tries to get them. The higher the Intimacy level with the confidant that gives birth, the rarer your offspring.

Better offsprings give you highet power ratings, so it’s always a good idea to try and keep the Intimacy levels as high as possible with your Wives.

Focus on leveling up ASAP
Leveling up your main character as fast as possible is extremely important because this gives you all sorts of advantages, but most importantly it increases the numbers of Retainers you have, as well as the times you can manage your assets and affairs in the Mansion.

Don’t forget that you actually have to hit your character’s portray button in the upper left corner after you get enough experience to level up, as the leveling up process won’t happen automatically.

When you can level up, your character’s avatar will glow – make sure to level up ASAP in order to enjoy all the advantages.

As a tip – check your Items constantly because you will get Merit points (basically the XP for your character) there as well as random rewards.

Keep visiting the Mansion
The Mansion should be visited constantly because that’s where you have the Assets and Affairs options: two very important elements of the game that reward you greatly.

The Assets recharge over time (relatively fast) and they reward you with the main resource in the game: Gold, Food and Troops. The more often you collect, the more resources you will have – so do visit often!

The Affairs recharge at a slower rate, but they are a good source of Attribute Beads for your Retainers, as well as other items. Early on in the game, it’s worth getting the Merit rewards instead of Gold and Food, and take everything else (like soldiers and items for the Retainers).

Use the items in your inventory
Don’t forget to constantly check your inventory items. You’ll collect all sorts of goodies from all sorts of places in the game (so make sure to always tap everything that is marked with a red dot!) and you are usually at an advantage if you use these as soon as possible in order to enjoy the benefits.

So make it a habit to visit your inventory at least once per day, ideally right when you start playing.

This would be all for Be the King right now, but if you have additional questions don’t hesitate to ask and we’ll be happy to help. We also have extra guides coming soon, so check back often to find out more about this game!

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Be the King Cheats: Tips and Strategy Guide to Complete All Missions


  1. Can’t wait to see another guide – I am enjoying this game, but am having trouble finding information about certain areas as well as advanced features- for example, how does one obtain an academy coin? What does the academy do? How does the tribunal system work? What about skill and book XP? I would be more willing to drop a few bucks on it if I understood it better, so more guides would be greatly appreciated- thanks!

    • Academy coins are earned through server events based on where you place in the event. They are not offered in all server events and are hard to get. The academy gives you academy xp. This allows you to level up. Each time you level up, it increases all your retainers based on the reward. Example, if the reward was say a 2 percent increase in intelligence then all your retainers would get a 2 percent increase in intelligence. The tribunal system works by aptitude. Aptitude is how much your retainers are leveled up through book xp, scrolls, or skill xp. The higher the aptitude, the better the retainer will be in the tribunal. It does not matter how strong your retainer is. The tribunal goes by overall aptitude, not strength.

  2. You can get academy tokens from events as well from the banquet hall for points, the academy is a booster to your retainers set skills. Once you get enough academy points, you unlock the boost to that particular skill( this applies to all retainers that have that skill (“aptitudes”) of your retainers )
    Book exp is the exp needed to level up a single retainers aptitude
    Skill exp is applied only In the tribunal and it is just a modifier for your crit hit and dmg.
    The tribunal is simply pvp with a lot of randomness involved

    • Yup.. the names are definitely Chinese… As for the basic confidants, their names are Chinese. But for the rare or higher level ones, there are some English and Koreans.

  3. The games is filled with glitches when you get to higher ranks, lots of empty servers, pay to win style, and NO help from customer service despite how they act. I usually love games like this, but the developer has really dropped the ball because it could’ve been a great game if he cared more for his players.

  4. The game has been updated and fixed, I’ve been playing it for a while now and can say that the customer service, mods are very responsive in a timely manner. It’s a addictive game, with some things that you can always learn regardless of level. They have even added cross server wars, among others things. I am no salesman, but it’s worth a try, and it may become your new drug of choice.

  5. Not bad for a starter guide. Perhaps a slight modification to it is in order though.

    To begin with, don’t use all those cool items in your inventory right away, save them for the events that happen on a regular basis. There are events for power, confidants, gold and food consumption and tribunal at the moment. Save items that add to your power for the power events. Save gold and food for those events etc. Yes this might seem a little slower, but if you make the top 100 in any event you will get more rewards so they are worth it.

    Second, the confidants boost specific retainers stats. Don’t worry about leveling a confidant if you don’t have the retainer that goes along with it. In the beginning, look to see which retainers you want as your main ones and then find the confidants that match and level them together.

    Third, pay attention to what you are spending those items in your inventory on. You don’t want to spend strength potions and beads on a retainer that only has a single strength star. You also want to get academy points as soon as you can as that will help your retainers as well. The school will provide points to spend on levels attributes, which essentially is your health, and it will give points to level book skill. You want to use this book skill on your highest primary stat. For instance, if you have 2 str stats, you want to use the book skill to level the higher one as it will have 100% chance of success. The scrolls you use on the lower stat one. With 2 stats on the lower skil you have 50% chance of success, 3 stars gets you only 33% and 4 stars is only 25% chance of succeeding.

    Join an Alliance. If you can get into one of the top 3 you will get more rewards after events. Most of the top 3 alliances will have specific requirements to remain in, such as attacking zombies every day, doing daily builds in the alliance and potentially spending real money every day. Pay attention as you don’t want to join one that doesn’t fit your comfort level. You also have the option of creating your own Alliance, but keep in mind it will take work and dedication to level up and get people in.

    There are further tips that can be made, but those are just the basics that everyone needs to know.

  6. What is the best way to level an alliance and scale rankings the quickest.
    Is it focusing more so on player power alone or is it a combination of power, story progress, and zombies killed?

  7. So, to unlock the trading button without spending a crazy amount of coin I recommend at least 6.6 million intelligence and you need to have about 1.4billion coin to successfully unlock the button. Just FYI. Haven’t figured out the formula yet.

  8. Is there any ending of this game? Looks like never ending as we try to level up but other ‘rich’ player leveled up to the point , we the ‘poor’ will never be excelled


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