Be the King Confidants Guide: How to Get More Wives in the Game

A really cool feature of Be the King for mobile is that you can marry various beautiful ladies in the game and have them as your Confidants. Even more, they have a direct impact over your Kingdom’s Power, as well as give birth to Offsprings for you after visiting them in your common bedroom.

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Sounds pretty cool, right? Well, in today’s article, we’re going to share a complete guide to the Confidants in Be the King and help you get more Wives to be forever happy, as a king should always be!

Overview of Confidants

The wives you have unlocked in the game will always await you in the Mansion. There, if you have enough Vigour, you can “visit” them and have a chance of them giving birth to a son or daughter. Every visit also gives XP points to the Confidant you have visited.

Each confidant has a few values of her own: Intimacy level (the higher the level, the better the quality of the kids she can give birth to, and access to Skills – see below).

Charm is the second important characteristic, which dictates the amount of XP points she gains whenever you visit her. The higher the charm, the better.

Finally, you can tap any of your Confidants and give them Presents. These can increase their Intimacy rating or Charisma and should only be used on your favorite wives. Try not to pick them on looks alone, though: the better ones are those who give Military boosts to your top retainers!

You can also “Cherish” a particular confidant – also available in the menu after tapping the wife – which means that you will instantly visit her even if you don’t have enough vigor. This grants XP points as usual and has a higher chance of getting a baby.

Offsprings and Skill Effects

Your Wives have an indirect effect over your Kingdom’s power, through the babies they give birth to and the skills they can unlock for other Retainers.

You can get an offspring from any Confidant you have unlocked, no matter what her current level is (or the number of born babies). You can only get a new offspring if there’s an empty offspring slot, though. If not – visiting your wives will only reward them with XP based on their charm.

The higher the intimacy level with a specific Wife, the higher the chance for her to give Birth to a rarer offspring. The rarer the offspring, the more time they will need to grow, but the more they will increase your Power. So it’s a good idea to try and have a constant and minimum Intimacy of 10 with each wife.

Example of how your Confidants can influence a specific Retainer

Because when you reach 10 points, you also unlock another important element: Skills. These can be leveled up using the experience your Wives get when you visit them and the skills themselves will directly influence the stats of the Retainers the Confidants are linked with.

Although the best ones are those affecting the military-related skills of your top Retainers, all bonuses are better than none – so don’t let those XP points go to waste and instead use them by at least keeping your intimacy level at 10 with all wives.

How to get More Confidants in the game

Getting more Wives in Be the King is not easy, but there’s no rush to get them all! The more active you are, the higher your chances of getting them.

The main way of unlocking new wives is by tapping the Visiting option in the main Map. There, you can Visit various areas if you have enough Stamina.

These visits will sometimes have you meet a lady and after a couple (or more) interaction with these ladies, you will marry them. Most of the times, though, you will meet random characters that you can’t marry and you can’t really do much about this. It’s mostly random, so be patient!

You do have a Luck meter when visiting, which is visible at the bottom of the screen. Make sure to hit the plus button and recover your luck (try to keep it close to maximum at all times) in order to increase your chances of getting more wives faster. But remember that even with high luck ratings, it still takes many tries to get a new wife.

You can also unlock some extra Confidants in the game by reaching a specific VIP level (which is done by spending real life money) or from reaching special Power milestones. In other words, the more active you are, the more wives you will have, eventually.

This would be our guide to the Confidants in Be the King! If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to ask by commenting below. Also, make sure you check out our guide to Retainers in the game, as well as our general strategy guide as valuable advice is shared in both articles!

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Be the King Confidants Guide: How to Get More Wives in the Game

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