We’ve just talked about Battle Rush, the endless runner that manages to revolutionize and evolve the genre by bringing in the competitive play element. We are here to go a bit more in depth with some Battle Rush cheats, a series of tips and tricks to turn you into the better player and help you not only win those duels, but also purchase all the upgrades and new characters. So let’s check out below the Battle Rush tips & tricks, exclusively for the iPhone and iPad version of the game!

1. Play the collect mode first
I am sure you are itching to check out the competitive part of the game, but the truth is that you are not ready yet: you should instead play the collect mode a few times to get used with how the game is played, get used with the controls and most importantly, gather some coins to spend in the shop.

2. Coin boxes vs sets of two
Sometimes during your runs, you will be faced with a choice: get a box of coins or collect pairs of coins. Always go for the coins as you will get more (one box gives you 5, while the pairs will give you a lot more).

3. Always get the question boxes
The boxes with a question marks represent power-ups and you should make sure you get them whenever you have the chance, as every power-up is better than none. Especially the one that doubles the coins you gather.

4. Change lanes while jumping
It’s extremely important to know that you can change the lane you’re on while you are jumping – you will have to get used with this as pretty soon, after day 3 or so, it will be a must.

5. What upgrades to get
I would suggest getting the Bug Doubler first, then the Extra Health and Extra Attack (if you plan to play a lot of competitive games). Follow up with Defense Shield, Magnet , Invisibility and Rage.

6. Consumables for the Battle Mode
It’s a good idea, if you have the coins, to start with a Full Attack to deal a great damage first to the enemy. Counterattack is also a nice option if you have the coins!

7. How to win in Battle mode
First of all, make sure you don’t hit any obstacles as they will drain your health. Second, be patient. Try to gather red coins until you max up your strike – then you will cause a critical. Also keep an eye on your health and remember that it is more important to be healthy than to keep attacking. So if you’re running low on health, get the green ones first and only afterwards care about the attacking.

Another good strategy is to do a weak attack as soon as possible, in case the enemy has the counterattack power-up purchased. This way, he or she will only have wasted money. Which is exactly what you want your opponents to do.

Let us know if you have different approaches or other tips and tricks for fellow Battle Rush players!



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