Battle Islands is a new strategy game for iPhone and iPad, a game that is like Clash of Clans. There are some different things, though, and some interesting ones too and to cover them all and a few extra, we have decided to share with you a set of Battle Islands cheats – a set of tips and tricks to help you get the most out of the game and hopefully help you become the ultimate soldier.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below the Battle Islands cheats, tips and guide below!

1. Expect really slow progress
With just one type of currency (the supplies) you might be shocked at how slow your progress will be and you will always find yourself needing more supplies. So expect low progress, unless you are ready to attack, which takes us to the next step:

2. Attack early on
Don’t wait for the protection to end, because you’re just wasting time. Your Factories won’t produce enough, your supply depot will be small and it will take a lot of time to upgrade the command bunker. My advice? As soon as you have the Barracks ready and the 18 soldiers trained, start attacking to loot resources and speed up the base building process.

3. Quickly upgrade everything
Just like in other similar games, the Command Bunker is the heart of the base, and you should focus to upgrade it as soon as possible in order to unlock new buildings and give you the chance of having more resources. Factories should also be upgraded early on to maximize resource production too.

4. Upgrade vs Fortify
If you decide to fortify your buildings, they will be tougher to break by enemy forces and will result in you grabbing more wins. However, that should not be your priority early on. Instead, focus on upgrading your buildings to maximum capacity, research for new troops and clear the land and only when you’re OK with the state of your base, start to fortify the buildings. I would recommend starting with the Supply Depot and Command Bunker – the most important buildings on your base.

5. Research New Troops
Unlike other games, upgrading the barracks won’t automatically give you access to new troops. Instead, you will have to research them in the Command Bunker, so make sure you do that when you have the resources. Research requires a lot of time but fortunately can be done at the same time with an upgrade, so do it.

6. How to choose the bases to attack
Unlike other games, you can’t easily browse from base to base searching for one to attack and instead you select them from a list that gives you minimal information. It’s true, if you don’t like what you see, you can retreat before deploying troops and lose 0 medals, but it takes a lot of time. So it’s nice to have a system to choose your targets.

Therefore, you could go for those with a small number of medals (it means that they have been attacked previously and failed – but could also mean that they attacked and failed) and go for the easy win. Those with more medals are clearly active players and they might actually be the jackpot since they will surely have more resources ready for looting. Early on you should only care about getting more resources and not medals, so try to get as many as possible from each attack.

There is not much diversity in Battle Islands and the strategy options are pretty limited, but I am sure that with these basic tips and tricks your base will grow and you will get better and better at this game.

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  1. Timed out just as I was beating an opponent- I lost my entire force and presumably they were fine. How daft is that. Big connectivity problems and as above, gameplay nonsense.

  2. Iv spent a lot of money on this game and I would appreciate some gold bars maybe to make up as I’m constantly getting kicked off and loosing troops, there for loosing money to re make, not even being able to connect to the game to collect any supplies or battle and yet seem to be getting attacked all the time so wondering if it’s just me this is happening too!

  3. Yeah, I was just attacked by over 26 bomber planes? How come I can only garrison 12 bomber planes? I’m not offered any further upgrade on my hangers (only 24 total)?

    • Someone probably used a hack program to alter there military personnel. I have seen it advertised when searching for the question “How to restart a campaign on Battle Island?”

  4. It wont show the enemy to attack. It only shows an engener building and a command center. I cannot attack for any money. is anyone else having this problem? anyone know how to fix it?

  5. Don’t what’s happened but I was up to level 49 left my Ipad and went to have a game thee next day and I’m back at level 1 again. And I have paid “real”money on this game. Any one know what’s happened

  6. I haven’t spent a single penny on this game and have progressed to level 43 , good game good gameplay can be done without spending a penny.

    • Not sure what level you’re on, but if you’re only a few levels in, you maybe still camouflaged which means you’re not on the list to be attacked yet. I can’t remember what level I was on before my camo disappeared, but even afterwards, it was a few weeks before I was attacked. Now, I get hit on a regular basis.

  7. Speaking of camouflage, anyone know what cool down means. For instance, if I were to buy a one day camo, right underneath it says 5 day cooldown. Anyone know what that means? Thanks!

  8. New to this game but have a question….. When attacked by a player which I have not experienced yet due to Camouflage still being active, the buildings that get destroyed……do I have to rebuild them from scratch along with paying for all their upgrades again?

    • You’re good with all buildings coming back automatically just the way you left them. Only actual troops or whatever you have protecting your island from your garrisons are lost. And of course the loot.

    • I would most definitely join your alliance, are you able to assist with the question i posted above your post? have not yet decided whether to be an ATM account (account made with little to no defense, so that others may attack for supplies to help them build up.) Currently I have all income buildings maxed upgraded as well as all four supply depots maxed upgraded.

  9. I agree it’s very frustrating getting booted during an attack and losing men and money. The time it takes to pick out a good battle is annoying enough. Some gold bars would be appreciated as I have spent actual money to play this game.

    • I joined one of the “Kelly’s Hero’s” alliances about a month ago. I think the alliance creator gets a few extra crates, and the leading player might get a gold bar about every 5 days. Other than that it seems kind of pointless so far.

  10. point of alliance is perks for leaders and having a long list of people that cannot attack you as their allies.
    ive been in a number of alliances on the ps4 version so far, few seem to actually add much to game, and lack of chat forums etc does make it seem somewhat pointless.
    that said, doesnt hurt being part of something

    • Hey fabio ive been playing this on ps4 for a few weeks and since about 3pm u.k time today I couldnt connect . This Is the same sort of time as u isn’t it so I think its a temporary problem for ps4 users . My psn id is Ichibanxronin Add me as a freind if u want and ill msg u and play u when its up again. :)

  11. Im stuck it keeps saying I’ve leveled up but cant get past 21 I’m just the same for days now , can any one help email me . Fyi I’m on ps4.

    Or were could i get help ??!!

  12. this game is great. the only problem iv been having is it has been craashing only when im almost 100% dont attacking, i dont lose any troops but it gets annoying when i have to retry a battle 3 or 4 times for it not to crash. if they would fix the connection more people would play, i have to stop playing for a few days for it to play right .

  13. and i have yet to be attacked and ive had this app for nearly a year i mean id rather not get attacked but was jw if anyone else dosent get attacked

  14. Please help……… After every defeading I loose all my soldiers and to go to next battle I have to recruit new ones. I can’t waste money after every battle to rebuild new soldiers even after defeading !!!!!

    • James, Thats part of the strategy, only use the troops you have to use, because once you deploy them, regardless of whether or not they get killed in battle, you don’t get them back, so you really need to strategize attacks to lose the least possible troops.

  15. What is the best grouping of troops for best strategic attack…rifle ..mortar.. jeep.. tank.. bazooka i don’t think this does much ? ……air fighter.. bombr.. torpedo and sea gunboat.. warship.. sub…

    This is what i usually do 17 rifle per barrack.. 5 mortar.. 1 jeep.. and 4 tanks for ground …..air all fighter …sea 8 gunboat and 3 warship ??? does anyone think better than this, i would like to compare, thanks

  16. The game has a lot of problems sadly and they don’t seem to fix them. the fighting logic especially is buggy. sometimes for example ships lock on an inland target but they can’t reach it. so they stop moving. picking targets also make your army weaker. they would for example choose to attack a useless barrack while keep taking fire from defenses. or mortar units split from the more strong forces and get executed one by one by enemy. Then there is the problem if someone attacked you and you fend off the attack. you only get little protection. but after they destroyed all your mines and garrisoned troops. then someone else come and have an easy attack with no much less defense. this is unfair when you are a sleep. and why can’t we see alliance names under people who attack us? what’s the purpose of alliances anyway.

  17. Just started battle islands. I am in camouflage so doing the campaign at the moment. Each time i attack i lose all my troops even if i win. The surviving troops never find their way back home :(

  18. waiting all the time for not a game…………………crapgame………….0 stars……..timesucker………….$$funny…….


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