Naquatic has just launched a brand new endless clicker on the App Store, Basketball Clicker, and we’re having a lot of fun playing it, even though it’s basically Football Clicker with just a few changes. Hey, it’s still fun and in case you don’t like soccer/football and you love basketball, you’re going to have a lot of fun playing it! And I am here to help make that experience as good as possible by sharing some Basketball Clicker cheats, tips and strategies that you can use to quickly progress through the game and dominate your opponents in each match you play.

So let’s not waste a single second, and let’s check out some Basketball Clicker tips and tricks below!


1. Focus on your PG
The PG is the main player in this game as it is the only player whose upgrades change the points per tap metrics, and it’s actually the points per tap that will win you matches in the long run. So always keep your PG at the highest possible level and make it your priority whenever you’re upgrading in offense. In defense, he doesn’t have that much of a value, so you can focus on any other player you want.

2. Defense matters too
In Football Clicker, you could focus on Offense and a single player and rule the world, but things are changed here because defensive match-ups, if completely overpowering, will really harm your chances of winning anything. So don’t forget about the defense: it might win you some otherwise difficult matches if you do the upgrades the smart way.

I would consider it “the smart way” to focus, in defense, on a single player and have him always overpower their opponent. I am doing this with my Center because it’s one of the latest players you get and people won’t focus on upgrading him that much – but you can choose any player and stick to him. In other words, when all my defensive players were at level 15, my Center was at level 35. When all the others got to level 30, my center was at level 60. This way you will most likely overpower all the centers you play against and get a bonus.

3. Join a team ASAP
As soon as you complete Match 7 in the game, join a team. Doing so will earn you more money (1% more for each member your team has) so it makes sense to go for a team with a lot of members in order to maximize the money you get.

4. Sign superstars
You can get 40 free diamonds from the game for rating it and liking them on Facebook, and you will also have the option to watch a video ad for 5 diamonds every now and then. This means that sooner or later, you will get the 300 Diamonds required to buy a superstar – and do so, making sure you don’t spend them on anything else. Of course, if you want to rush things a little bit, you can always buy diamonds and get your Superstar which not only has better stats, but adds 10% extra points to your team (and the effects are cumulative!)

5. Don’t forget to train your players
When you reach level 50 with each of your players, you can start training them a little bit more: just tap on them and watch the 6 Stats they have – you can upgrade each one and the prices get higher in all areas with each upgrade you buy. However, this is not a cost-effective way of upgrading your stats, but if you somehow have a ton of money and you don’t know what to do with them, don’t forget that you also have this option.

6. The value of your player doesn’t matter
Although I am not 100% sure about this statement, I do believe that when purchasing a player, the money you spend on them doesn’t influence your stats (if they are in the same Overall rating category). In other words, if you’re getting a new player of rating F, you’ll get the same no matter if you pay 1 million or 2 million to sign them. I always sign the least expensive one and so far it doesn’t seem to have a bad influence on my team or performance and I can still win my matches fairly easily. UPDATE: after some extra testing, it appears that it DOES have an influence, so always but the most expensive option available!

7. Keep on playing
If you keep tapping the screen, especially after losing a match, you will get more money dropped than if you just keep the game running – so keep playing and tapping as much as possible. Or just take a break and return after a few hours to collect your cash. Remember that this is a game that you have to invest a lot of time in, so if you hit a block that seems impossible to pass, all you have to do is to get more money and upgrade your players a little bit more.

Do you have other tips and tricks for fellow Basketball Stars players? Let us know by commenting below!



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