Azur Lane offers a surfeit amount of features that are cleverly attached to the game. Among the many features, the Threat Level feature got added to the game at later stages. The Threat Level feature adds more depth to the gameplay. It makes the grinding process a little easier for players who are adept at a particular level(s).

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Threat Level is a simple and easy-to-understand feature that players can grasp in one go. However, many players miss it because they are not fond of reading messages in the text box or info section that pop during quest or pre-quest. 

Keeping that in mind, we have prepared a handy guide that explains the Threat/Danger level in Azur Lane

How does Threat/Danger Level Work in Azur Lane?

Every chapter in Azur Lane offers a default threat level that signifies the difficulty of clearing the said level. Whenever players 100% clear a level, they reduce the Threat Level by one. At the same time, the damage done by the enemies to the troops is reduced by 2%. 

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Chapter 1 of Azur Lane has a threat level of three in both Normal and Hard difficulties. If players clear Chapter 1 three times with a 100% completion rate, they reduce the threat level to zero. And they gain a damage reduction of 6%. 

Depending on the chapter, players may have to clear a level more than three times. 

Players can check the Threat Level Evaluation and the Damage Reduction stats in the info section of any chapter. 

That’s it. This is how the threat level works in Azur Lane. 

Azur Lane is a gacha-based action roleplaying game currently available on Android and iOS platforms.

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Azur Lane Threat Level Explained: How does Threat/Danger Level Work in Azur Lane?


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