Arknights 4-9 Mission Strategy Guide: Tips and Cheats

Arknights 4-9 Mission Strategy Guide: Tips and Cheats

In the exciting RPG Arknights, you can collect a variety of characters using the Gacha system. And then you will use the unique skills of each character to complete the stages. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete Mission 4-9.

4-9 Mission Strategy Guide

This is the final mission of episode 4 in which you have to defeat the boss FrostNova. And although the recommended operator level is 70, Elite 1, you can win even with a level 50.

You will need 2 Vanguards, 2 Snipers ST, 1 Sniper AoE, 1 Defender, 2 Healers, 1 Caster AoE, and 1 Guard.

FrostNova will appear immediately at the start of the battle, but wait until it reaches the second row.

Line up the two Vanguards on the bottom line, facing left. Sniper AoE and Healer should stand on the line higher on the leftmost tiles and look to the right. And place the Defender in the middle of the line above, faced to the right.

When FrostNova approaches you, she will immediately freeze the tiles, which prevents you from deploying. Place the Caster AoE facing FrostNova and Healer facing back next to the previously placed Sniper AoE and Healer.

FrostNova Boss Second Phase Guide

Now the second phase begins. You need to place the Guard directly in front of FrostNova, but so that you can place two more Snipers STs behind it at a distance of one tile. This is necessary to avoid FrostNova area attacks. After the first defeat, FrostNova will immediately resurrect, now you must use the Guard skill to defeat her completely.

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Arknights 4-9 Mission Strategy Guide: Tips and Cheats


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