ARK: Survival Evolved: PvP Guide and Tips


The interesting PvP mode is the main factor that affects ARK: Survival Evolved popularity. However, it might be hard to explore the large PvP mechanics in the ARK world, especially if you are a beginner. This guide is the universal ARK: Survival Evolved: PvP Guide.

How to Play PvP in ARK: Survival Evolved

First, you need to understand that it is unreal to be a professional in PvP from the start. The point is that ARK is very complicated. Therefore, to be aware of ARK, you should spend many hours playing this video game. However, below are some handy tips that will help you in getting knowledge.

Take Over a Good Location

Base Location is one of the essential aspects of ARK. So, you have to choose a safe and comfortable location before anyone else does it. This is especially relevant now when the new map was released. So, hurry up to pick the best base spot!

Use Rocket Running

Rocket running is one of the best tactics to destroy blocks and walls. To use this running, aim your character at movement speed and a lot of hp. Also, you can drink some beer to increase your damage resistance.

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When your character is successfully prepared, you need to run straight at your aim with the rocket launcher. Blow yourself up when you reach the brick or wall, and that is all. Be sure that you will destroy any barrier in a second.

Improve Your Aim Skills

The point is that guns are one of the necessary parts of PvP in ARK. So, you have to practice your aim. There are a lot of Steam maps you can use for this purpose. If you play on these maps regularly, your skill will get better.

In conclusion, it’s unreal to become a professional in PvP fast. The only option is to practice a lot and get slightly closer to your goal daily.

So, thank you for reading this guide. Hope you find it helpful!

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ARK: Survival Evolved: PvP Guide and Tips


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