Arena Stars: Battle Heroes: How to Unlock More Heroes


For all of us wondering how to further make our teams more powerful, the answer is more and better heroes! So that’s why in this article I am going to tell you how to unlock more heroes in Arena Stars: Battle Heroes.

Firstly, you should take a look at our picks for the best heroes and units in the game to know who you should be aiming for, because that should give you an insight on which heroes are super good and useful!

I hope you are ready for some mad grinding and battling, because some of the ways to get more heroes in Arena Stars: Battle Heroes will require just that! Therefore, let’s not waste another second and dive right into the guide on how to unlock more heroes in Arena Stars: Battle Heroes right here below! 

– Open the Crown Chests to get more heroes! The Crown Chests can be acquired from battling in the arenas, and they require Crowns to be opened by the player. You obtain these crowns from defeating the opponent’s Hero in battles, so make sure you fight a lot in order to open as many as possible!

This is a really great and easy way to get them, and you basically do it by simply casually playing the game. You can also watch an advertisement to get free Crowns used to open the chests, so it’s even more simple than you thought!

You can purchase chests in the Shop, and there are 3 types of chests, increasingly better and more expensive: Magic Chest, Power Chest and Goddess Chest. They will all give heroes and units, so they are really good!

– Get from the Daily Card Deals! In the Shop you will have under the “Cards” menu the “Daily Card Deals” which will refresh every day. There you can use Gold Coins to purchase cards and if you see some amazing cards, make sure you buy them! 

Also, every once in a while you will get some free rewards from the Shop, so make sure you check often because this might even give you hero shards!

– When you want to buy a Skin for your hero, you can buy it with the hero itself! In the Shop, if you head on to the “Skins” menu you will see some daily deals for the main Heroes. They will have some skins on sale, but if you press on the blue “info” button you will see that you can purchase them with the hero.

– When you charge a few bucks in the game, you can claim the VIP Bonuses. The VIP Bonuses are bonuses based on how much money you’ve spent in the game. They will reward you according to that, so you can collect chests and shards for units and heroes whenever you spend money to buy other stuff.

– Get the Free Rewards! Also situated in the Shop, if you head on to the Free Rewards you can claim the ones from the left side which don’t even require you to watch an ad in order to be claimed. Sometimes you will receive hero or unit shards, so it’s super useful – and free!

– Claim the Bonus Rewards from the Shop. These bonuses are rewarded for following the game on various social media platforms, and they give you several goodies, among which useful unit shards. It’s free and all it takes is a couple of taps here and there, so make sure you do it! It’s a one time thing only, so it is definitely worth doing it.

Now these would be all the ways on how to unlock more heroes in Arena Stars: Battle Heroes that we know of. If you know some more ways to get heroes and units, share them with us down in the comments below! And don’t forget to take a look at our game guide to learn how to take the enemy down fast!

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Arena Stars: Battle Heroes: How to Unlock More Heroes


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