Arena Stars: Battle Heroes Cheats: Tips & Guide to Win All Battles

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In today’s article we are going to tell you all of our Arena Stars: Battle Heroes tips and tricks to help you win all the battles! Choose from the powerful heroes and take down any enemy you face with the minimum effort possible!

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In this article I am going to tell you exactly how to deploy the heroes so that you can win every fight against all kinds of enemy units. If you are familiar with this type of games, you might not need much introduction, but if you’re new, all I have to say to keep it short is that this game requires some strategic thinking! 

So if you want to win constantly, you might have to do some planning ahead and thinking outside the box! But enough for now – you’re here for the Arena Stars: Battle Heroes tips and tricks, so that’s what we’ll give you! Without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

Play as smoothly as possible

Since this game has real time battles, you will have quite a hard time dealing with the opponent while your screen is lagging and freezing. Now as great the game’s graphics are, you still need to be able to enjoy the game to its fullest, so I suggest that you try to tone them down a little bit.

What I suggest that you do is open the Options menu (bottom right corner of the screen) and go to “Gameplay Settings”. There you should check if your “Extra Effects” is on or off. I found that it works best for me if it is turned off, and the game doesn’t lag at all. 

For some extra game adjustments you could try to change the Unit Select Radius, Move Hold Time and Button Size to adjust to your screen and hands as well. Try these out and head into a practice game until you’ve found the perfect settings for your device!

Upgrade your cards 

Whenever you receive duplicate cards (and trust me, that will happen quite often) try to always upgrade them, because that will help you level up. When you will level up a new character it will make your team stronger, because all of their stats will get boosted. So definitely try to make all the possible upgrades whenever you can.

Get Free Crowns! 

Whenever you fight you will receive Crown Chests, which are basically the equivalent of chests which give you heroes and other goodies in many other games. But unlike in some other games where you have to wait for the timer to run out in order to open the chest, here you will need to fight and collect Crowns.

These Crowns can be obtained also for free, by simply tapping on the “Free Crowns” button on the bottom side of the chests. For every single ad that you watch you will receive 1 Crown, so if you need 1-2 more to open a chest, go for it!

Up your League game!

When you are just getting started you are placed in the “Training” league, which is not exactly a league. Once you finish the tutorial training, you will have to fight your way up the ladder and unlock new arenas where you will face stronger opponents.

For each new league that you want to unlock (or climb) you will have to collect Stars, which are basically the proof of might that you’ve gathered from defeating the opponents. While the required Stars to unlock the Battle Leagues is not anything crazy, the Pro Leagues stars needed go from 1500 to 2500!

So you can imagine that in order to get up there among the best proven players, you will need to fight quite a lot. While you are in Bronze or even Silver it will be relatively easy, but the real grind begins once you reach Gold! 

Form new teams and practice

Whether you have unlocked a new hero or want to try some new formation with your current units, you should definitely take your newly formed team and head on to the Practice menu. 

There you will be able to fight versus AI and try your skills in order to see what is the best combo you can perform with them and how it is best to deploy them. Remember, the more you practice the more experience you will gain and if you want to reach the top, this is the way to do it!

Check out the Shop for some juicy Daily Card Deals!

Every new day you will have some new offers in the Shop, which can offer you anything – really. From common units to epics and other goodies, always take a look at the Shop’s wares. You will also find that sometimes you can redeem some stuff for free, so don’t miss on the opportunity!

The best thing you could do is to unlock the Arenas (up to Arena 4) because that’s when you will unlock all the slots in the Shop. That way you will get even more daily deals, so the chances of you getting the best and rarest units will increase. 

Also, if you see a good Epic unit or hero and you have the needed Gold Coins to buy it, definitely do it before the shop will reset, because it’s the safest way to obtain it.

Change your heroes’ looks!

Just like the Daily Card shop, there is an option which allows you to get something that is purely aesthetic. While (unfortunately) it doesn’t help with the stats, it definitely looks good! 

Head on to the Shop and open the Skins tab. There you will see two new heroes every day, and along with them a new skin. If you want to acquire the skin, you will need to have the required Star Shards (premium currency), but if you don’t have the hero and want both the hero and the skin, there is a way to get them.

By tapping on the blue “info” button under each hero, you will see the option to buy the skin for that hero alone, or together with the respective hero. It will cost more, but if you want to unlock it, that is one way of doing so.

Get free bonus rewards for a couple of taps

Like we all know, games like this love to offer players free rewards to keep them happy! And rightfully so! In exchange for some really cool rewards, the game will ask you to like their Facebook page or follow them on Instagram, and other such minuscule tasks.

The rewards offered for these tasks are good, so here’s what you have to do to get them:

– Open the Shop

– Go to “Bonus” tab

– Tap on “Follow us on Discord” 

– Let the game open the Discord page and once it did, head back into the game. The game will take this as if you followed the page on Discord, without actually doing so. Repeat the step for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and you will find that you’ll receive good rewards without doing anything pretty much!

Of course, if you want to follow the game’s pages, feel free to do so! They will keep you updated with news and other rewards, so it will all be good in the end!

Open the Free Rewards tab and shower yourself with freebies!

While the game has no ads whatsoever within it (or it gets them super rarely) you can of course get many of the benefits from a single tab. When you open the “Free Rewards” tab in the Shop you will see two categories:

– On the left: attendance rewards, which are given to you for free (no ad needed to be watched) for simply staying logged in the game. This is super useful, so make sure you open the game every few hours to claim them!

– On the right: some cool rewards (from chests to Gold Coins and Star Shards) which you receive for watching multiple ads. For each individual advertisement you watch you will get a new reward, and once you watched 25 ads, you will be able to open a Rare Chest! 

Keep your hero safe

Whenever you will fight other players, you will have multiple units to deploy on the battlefield, but your hero is the most important of them all. It will have 3 lives (you see them on the top side under your name) and if you have died 3 times, it’s an automatic win for the enemy!

Always try to keep your hero somewhat safe, but also on the battlefield, because it is one of the strongest units in the game. What I suggest that you do is try to move back and forth on the battlefield (because you control the hero) and try to never attack the enemy with the hero alone. 

Instead, wait for your cards’ cooldown to get to 0 so you can have some more cards to deploy alongside your hero, and send them together. The enemy’s hero will take great damage from all the units, and that is one way to quickly reach their base and take it down.

Keep track of your mana spending

When you form a deck, you should pay close attention to the cooldowns and mana cost of the units you want to deploy. If you have high mana usage cards, make sure you don’t deploy them alone, because once they die they will leave you wide and open! 

It might be better in the long run to have lower mana cost and lower cooldown cards, which you can send out constantly, rather than one expensive card which, once bursted down, will leave you uncovered and without mana.

It’s all a matter of practice, so that’s why the previous point where I mentioned that you should practice with each new team that you assemble is important. Always keep in mind that you will face both good and bad opponents, and you should be prepared to deal with any situation! 

Thus being said, this concludes our Arena Stars: Battle Heroes tips and tricks list that we have put together for you. Do you have more tips and strategies to share with fellow players? Feel free to share them with us down in the comments section below!

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Arena Stars: Battle Heroes Cheats: Tips & Guide to Win All Battles

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