Home Guides Are There Limited Units in Limbus Company? – Answered

Are There Limited Units in Limbus Company? – Answered

Are There Limited Units in Limbus Company? – Answered
Image Credit: Project Moon
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When playing a gacha, the number of limited units it has can be a dealbreaker for some people. Everybody wants to be able to get their favorite characters and it isn’t fun if most of them all difficult to get. Fortunately, Limbus Company is very lax with this.

Limited Units In Limbus Company

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the sinners in limbus company
Image Credit: Project Moon

The best way to describe the game is that it’s the Magic School Bus if it was a comedy on Adult Swim. It only has twelve main characters, also called the Sinners. Instead of frequently adding new characters to the game, Project Moon adds different versions of the twelve Sinners for special events and such. Most of them are readily available in the regular gacha, but some banners are limited, like the Walpurgis ones. You also cannot buy any of the limited units with gems. However, instead of going away and never coming back, or never at all, the way it works is that the units are limited for their debut, and then when the next limited event comes, the limited ones from the previous banner will added to the game permanently. It’s a system that is very fair compared to games like Genshin Impact, where limited characters may not come back for a year or longer.

Should You Save Your Currency In Limbus Company?

Since nothing in the game is really truly limited, you can pull on any banner you want. It might be good to do a lot of pulls in the beginning to get a decent number of characters to use. Once you’ve gotten your fill of who you want, it’s time to save your currency for the limited banners. Don’t stress if you can’t get one though, as it’s pretty easy to eventually collect every character in the game. All of them have wildly different personalities, so you’ll definitely find one or two you’re fond of quickly.

If you want to experience an incredible storyline, it’s time to download Limbus Company today!

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Are There Limited Units in Limbus Company? – Answered