Are Bundles in Minecraft Bedrock Edition? – Answered


In Minecraft, there are very few portable storage options. In fact, shulker boxes are the only truly portable storages. Ender chest is like a mix of chest and shulker box. It is rarely used for moving large number of items.

For a long time, Minecraft players have been asking Mojang for a cheap alternative to shulkers. Developers listened to the player base and decided to add a new item called bundles to the game.

In this article, we answer whether bundles are available in Minecraft Bedrock Edition or not.

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Are Bundles in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

The answer to this query is an unfortunate no. As of right now, bundles are not available in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Bundles were supposed to be added with Caves & Cliffs update but now have been delayed for a future update.

However, there is no announcement about bundles coming in Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update. Bundles might come in a later update after version 1.19. Until then, Bedrock players will have to wait for bundles to arrive.

On the other hand, Java players can get bundles and use them in Minecraft. Players can activate an experimental data pack to get recipe for bundles. It can be crafted using seven rabbit hide and two strings, allowing players to store up to seven items for now.

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Are Bundles in Minecraft Bedrock Edition? – Answered


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