Archvale Early Magic Weapons List and Guide

Archvale All Magic Weapons List and Guide

Archvale is a new adventure game developed by idoz & phops and published by Humble Games for many different platforms. The game has cool pixel graphics and an interesting combat system where you will need to choose your weapon. These pieces of equipment are divided into a couple of categories and today we are going to talk about magic weapons. We are going to explain to you the mechanics of different staffs and scepters. This guide will explain to you mage weapons in Archvale.

Mage Weapons List in Archvale

Mage weapons in Archvale are special weapons that use magic to deal damage to opponents. Even though they can be different, all these pieces of equipment share some common traits. Usually, magic weapons are able to attack from a decent range. However, they deal less damage in comparison with melee weapons. You need to collect special stars when killing enemies to make them stronger for some time. Here is the list of magic weapons you will encounter in the early game:

  • Ruby Staff – The first magic weapon that shoots red projectiles and provides you with a good fire rate. However, it doesn’t deal much damage, and its range is short. So, there are many weapons that are able to outclass this staff.
  • Snail Rod – This rod is quite useful as its white projectiles are unique. They are able to bounce when they hit a wall. So, this is a good feature if you want to attack your opponents from different angles. Also, it has a high fire rate and is able to attack at long range. The only flaw is its small damage.

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  • Darksteel Staff – This staff is just a better version of Ruby Staff.
  • Wispmother Staff – This weapon works the same way as Ruby Staff and Darksteel Staff. The only difference is that it shoots two projectiles that fly in the same direction. So, the staff is able to deal double damage when both projectiles hit the target.
  • Golden Scepter – This weapon shoots a short salvo of four magic beams. It has good range and deals decent damage if you hit the target with all beams.

This is it! Go and have fun!

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Archvale Early Magic Weapons List and Guide


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