Archvale Guide, Tips, and Cheats for Beginners

Archvale Guide, Tips, and Cheats for Beginners

Archvale is a new action-adventure RPG for console and PC. It has a huge number of different features, and of course, the possibility of character development. You can customize it to suit your playing style. In this guide, we’ll share a few tips to help you get started in the game.

Tips and Cheats for Beginners in Archvale Guide

  • As you explore Archvale, you will find many shrine statues that will grant you hearts and health potions. They also work as teleportation point, so don’t forget to use them to save time.
  • The game doesn’t stop you from traveling wherever you want to go. You are free to explore wherever, but keep in mind that some areas will be more difficult than others.
  • Regularly visit the forge to craft something, because craft will help you become stronger.
  • Health potions are the key to your survival. Initially, you will only have two potions. This is certainly not enough, so actively look for Mega Plums and then take them to the potion master in the village. It will make your health potions more powerful and effective.
  • During the game, you will collect a huge amount of materials, armor, and weapons, but your inventory is not endless. Each village has a chest to store your things. No matter what chest you use, all of your items will always be there, so you don’t have to go back to a specific village to retrieve something.
  • You will also be collecting treasures that cost a lot of coins. Selling them is as easy as shelling pears. Go to the village and sell them all to the merchant.
  • One way to enhance your character is by using Badges. You can find them during your adventures or buy them in the village. However, each Badge requires a certain number of badge points to use, so choose your sets wisely.
  • You can not only craft but also improve weapons by spending coins on them. To do this, find a village with a blacksmith who can improve weapons.
  • Use magic attacks in battles, then blue magic stars will drop out from enemies, which will temporarily enhance your magic attacks.
  • The game has challenge areas for passing which you will receive a good reward. Find crystal statues and interact with them. Then you will be moved to another realm, where you need to deal with them without taking damage.

This is the end of our Archvale guide! Have any other tips and cheat? Then write them in the comments section below.

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Archvale Guide, Tips, and Cheats for Beginners



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