Land Sliders

Around a month ago a new arcade game called Land Sliders has been released on the App Store. The game, developed by Prettygreat, is one of the best arcade games released in recent times thanks to the huge amount of available characters and excellent gameplay features. The game now has become even better thanks to a new update which adds characters and more.

The new Land Sliders is a Halloween themed update which adds a variety of new characters to the game such as the Zombie, the Sarcophagus and Ms. Calavera. Also added to the game by the new update are new world designs and a new quest where players have to find hidden lanterns.


Here are the full details of the new Land Sliders update.

Halloween is here and Land Sliders is celebrating! This spooky update has something sweet for everyone.

Zombie, Sarcophagus and Ms. Calavera to celebrate Dia de los Muertos
Special guest heroes Wren and Reynold from Double Fine’s Costume Quest 2
Jack’s Quest – find hidden lanterns
New world designs with bats, lightning, spiders and more

Land Sliders is now available for free on the App Store. The new update is also available for download right now.



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