The fun and engaging arcade game Dudeski, released a couple of months ago on the App Store, is now available for a very low price on the store. So low, that the price doesn’t exist any longer, as the game is now available for free.

Our skiing hero isn’t going to go down slopes for free for the rest of its days. This deal is only temporary, so make sure to download the game as soon as possible if you’re looking for a game that’s really easy to pick up and play and, most of all, enjoy.

In Dudeski players will have to control their character as he goes downhill. The whole gameplay experience is made more interesting by the many different hazards included as well as the obligatory winter animals like penguins and others, like the even more obligatory Yeti. The game may look simple, but it’s good challenge level make everything more engaging than it may seem.

Dudeski is now available for download on the App Store for free. Make sure to get it as soon as possible, as the game will go back up with its full price in the next few days.



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