Those who have been prepping for the zombie apocalypse, your time has come! The hit TV show The Walking Dead is no stranger to video game adaptations, but we have never seen one like this! The Walking Dead: Our World is an augmented reality location-based game where you fight zombies in AR!

Players will enter the The Walking Dead universe as a new survivor. Explore the real world as you scavenge for supplies, help other survivors, and even get the chance to recruit iconic heroes like Rick Grimes, Michonne, Daryl Dixon, and more! You will need all the help you can get to defend your local neighborhood!

That’s right – you can play The Walking Dead: Our World from anywhere you like. Want to take out some walkers in your living room? Load your guns up and get to hunting! Want to  make your neighborhood a little more safer? Go out on patrol and take out any walkers you see! The walker world is yours to liberate!

As you explore the world around you and eliminate walkers, you can find clues and notes left behind other survivors. You may even find some trails that can lead you to new weapons and characters, so be sure to cooperate with your fellow survivors.

There are also weekly challenges that must be tackled in large groups, because no survivor can do it alone. These challenges involve you taking down massive waves of walkers, so be prepared. Those who make it out alive are rewarded with awesome weapons!

The apocalypse has come, and you are the last beacon for humankind. The Walking Dead: Our World is available now on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. When you are ready to take on the world of The Walking Dead, check out our The Walking Dead: Our World cheats and tips guide!


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