Walkers have broken out and are invading our world! Take the fight to them in The Walking Dead: Our World, an all-new location based AR game based on The Walking Dead universe. Explore the real world as you find supplies, help survivors, and most importantly take out walkers!

Our The Walking Dead: Our World cheats and tips will show you how to improve your survivor skills!

Location based AR games are popping up more and more, and we are excited to try them all! The Walking Dead: Our World is a great addition to the genre, so let’s get through the hordes of walkers together in our The Walking Dead: Our World cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Understand the Safe Houses!

There are four different safe houses you can construct in The Walking Dead: Our World. The tutorial will have you build an Armory, the weapons-type safe house. How it works is that whenever you secure a survivor at a safe house, you will earn cards that are related to that safe house.

As demonstrated, leaving survivors at an “Armory” will reward you with weapon cards. “Shelters” will instead reward you with hero cards, while “Trading Posts” will net you more coins.

The final safe house – “Warehouses” – grant you perk cards that give you passive bonuses like increased currency caps. Keep this in mind when you are deciding where to deposit your survivors.

Do not expect to build one of each right away, however. The start of the game will only give you enough building materials to build the Armory, and each safe house has its own unique building material. You can earn more materials by completing challenges and missions.

Use the right weapons for the job!

Walker slaying ain’t no easy task, so make it easier on yourself by bringing the right weapons! If you look at a hero or weapon card, you will notice that there is a small window at the bottom that says “Strong Against”. You will encounter different types of walkers on your journey, and if you use a weapon that matches their type you will deal increased damage!

For quick reference, when you are heading into a walker encounter and you are selecting your loadout, if you see any green arrows that means that weapon or hero is good against the walkers you are about to fight.

Shooting tips!

The golden rule of zombies applies here: always aim for the head. Walkers take MUCH more damage from headshots, and most of the time they will die immediately.

Also, there are many challenges that involve getting a certain amount of headshots, and they reward you with some coins so they are worth doing!

Be aware of your partner and any potential survivors when shooting walkers. If you see either party getting swarmed by walkers, help them out! If a survivor is left unguarded for too long, they will fall to the walkers, and partners will become wounded after the battle, requiring some time to heal.

Level up your safe houses!

Once you have the basics down, you can start leveling up safe houses. Safe houses start at level 1 and require a hefty amount of survivors before they level up.

You can also level them up immediately by using gold, but since gold is hard to come by we recommend saving it. Clear infestations and other survivor encounters as often as you can by wandering your local neighborhood.

When a safe house levels up, its protection from walkers and raiders resets back to 10 hours, giving it some extra time to stay safe. The amount of cards you get from depositing survivors also increases, as well as your chance to get higher rarity cards.

Join or create a group!

You should join or create a group as soon as possible. When you are in a group, you gain access to the challenges board which can net you nice rewards.

The first board contains easy missions that can probably be done on your own, but the second and third board requires cooperation from everyone in the group, so bring your friends if you create your own!

That’s all for The Walking Dead: Our World! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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