Animal Restaurant, the hugely popular casual time-management game from DHGames, has just completed its first year on the mobile app stores. 

And what a year it has been, with 10 million global downloads, top 10 chart positions in ten different regions, 4.8 and 4.6 user ratings on iOS and Android respectively, and more than 200,000 followers on Instagram. 

To celebrate this momentous anniversary, DHGames is hosting an event. Between now and the end of September you can log in to claim a whole range of rewards, including letters from customers, mementos, new wallpapers, and a new dish to serve to your loyal customers. 

And that’s not all. Prince Michael, the loveable grey cat from the popular YouTube channel  Aaron’s Animals, is appearing in Animal Restaurant until December 17th.

For the uninitiated, Animal Restaurant is a time-management game with idle features. It sees you running a restaurant frequented by various different species of animal, from fox to goose, dog to cat, all of them gorgeously brought to live with quirky, elegant artwork. 

There’s a dash of restaurant decoration, a soupcon of staff-management, and a whole heap of food service, but Animal Restaurant comes with its own unique additional hook on top of the usual ingredients: you can mingle with your customers. 

As well as eating your food your customers will share their stories, confide secrets, send letters, spread gossip, and more. They may even shed a tear. You can choose to agree or disagree, sympathize or challenge, get personally involved or tune your customers out entirely. 

Except you probably won’t want to tune out celebrity guest star Prince Michael. To add him to your customer base, just unlock fortune cookies recipes from the in-game shop and bring your restaurant up to the requisite rating. Then you’ll have the pleasure of a whole new character and a whole new set of culinary demands to meet. 

Animal Restaurant is available for free right now on Google Play and the App Store


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