Gale, the Bad Princess is disturbing Golden Island with her clueless piggies and it’s up to a new set of heroes to save the day! Angry Birds Stella is another physics based puzzle game in the long running Angry Birds series, but this time you play as Stella and her fierce set of friends. We’ll help you through this wild slingshot adventure with our Angry Birds Stella cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.

Are you ready to take back the island and drive the evil piggies out? Here’s out Angry Birds Stella cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide, completing the original article that we have published a while ago.

1. Examine the level before you fire off a bird!

Like any good puzzle game, the layout of a level can give you a hint to where you should shoot your birds. Look for objects that seem like they’re in a possible collision course with another set of objects, or if a piggie house is above another house. You could try to knock it down on top of the other piggie house. Remember: the goal is to do as much damage as you can with as little birds as possible!

2. Be sure to get all three stars, especially on the earlier levels!

When you enter a new set of levels, you’ll probably gain a new bird to play as. These early levels serve as tutorial levels, as they get you used to using the new bird and their superpower. Thus, it’s actually pretty easy to get all three stars on these levels. This is important because when you get to the later levels, you’ll see silhouetted birds where your slingshot is. These birds will unlock and add to your total if you have the required amount of stars. Remember that each unused bird is worth 10,000 points so having these birds is almost necessary if you want to 3-star the later levels!

3. Master each bird’s ability!

  • Stella is the pink bird you start out with. Her superpower is Pink Flash, a directed shot at a specified location. When she’s in mid-air, tap and hold and drag where you want Stella to shoot to. Let go when ready and watch her zoom! Stella can bank off certain surfaces; if she can, you’ll see a second trajectory show where she’s going to go after the first bounce. Line her up correctly to do maximum damage!
  • Poppy is the yellow drummer unlocked in the second set of levels. Her superpower is Tornado Dive, which lets her stop immediately in the air and drop down in a fierce whirlwind, tearing apart anything that comes in contact with her. Tap and hold and Poppy will begin to slow down, which shows a trajectory below her. Let go whenever you want her to drop.
  • Luca is the blue fellow you get in the third set. His superpower is Soundwave Shock, an aimed projectile attack that shatters glass. The sound wave can travel through wood but is stopped by stone.
  • Willow is the bird with the psychedelic hat. She is unlocked in the fourth set, and her superpower is Vortex Spin, which allows her to curl into a super speedy ball and curve her direction. Tap and hold and Willow will begin to curve towards the direction you tapped. Let go when she’s in the trajectory you want!
  • Dahlia joins the flock in the fifth set, and her super power is Science-Fu, which lets her teleport ahead in her trajectory. Tap and hold and it’ll show where Dahlia will be when you let go.

Get used to all of their superpowers to make the most out of the flock!

4. Want to use a specific bird? Buy them!

Once you recover the scrapbook, you’ll be able to add any bird from the flock into a level if you have enough coins. Tap their respective pictures at the top left to do so, but note that you can only summon birds that you have already unlocked. You can also bring birds into the game if you have the “Telepods” toys.

5. Use the hammer in a bind!

After level 13 or so, you’ll unlock the hammer power up. This can be used to instantly destroy a small section of the level, but once you use it it must be recharged by environment destruction and pig popping. If you have some time to spare, you can also opt to watch a video advertisement which instantly recharges it.

Like other Angry Birds games, this game involves a lot of trial and error. Keep practicing and retrying levels until you get all 3 stars, and be sure to master each and every bird’s super power. If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below! Until next time!


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