If you have been playing the recently released Angry Birds Stella and want to learn more about the game’s mechanics, you have come to the right place, as this Angry Birds Stella Cheats: Tips & Tricks guide will be helping you in understanding the basics of the game and will also teach you some neat tricks for the Rovio developed game.

Angry Birds Stella is only the latest entry of the Angry Birds series, one of the most successful franchises released on mobile platforms in recent years.


Angry Birds Stella features some new main characters that come with all sorts of unique powers that have never been seen before in the series. This feature alone makes playing the game more than worth it for long time fans of the series. The basic gameplay experience may not have changed much from previous games but it’s just as engaging as ever.

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  • New Powers

The new birds of Angry Birds Stella come with new powers, unlike any other already included in the series. These new abilities must be mastered in order to complete the game with the best possible score. While all the abilities are equally important, I’ve found Stella’s one to be one of the best ones to use, so make sure to master it, as the second launch is more devastating that the basic one, perfect to destroy structures if well aimed.

  • Coins

Being a free to play game, Angry Birds Stella employs some of the more common mechanics found in free games. Coins are more important than ever, since you will need them to purchase extra birds to use in each stage. Even with saving coins, there will be times when you won’t have enough, forcing you to grind. While there’ no easy way to grind, there are a few things you can do to earn more coins during the game, like replaying old stafes over and over and popping all the bubbles that appear in each stage with coins in it.

  • Telepods

Just like the more recent entries of the series, Angry Birds Stella supports the Telepod figurines. Scanning one of them during the middle of a stage will allow you to get an extra bird, which is quite good if you considering that you may need coins to buy an extra one.

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