Gems are the premium currency in Angry Birds Evolution and, therefore, extremely valuable. If you’re wondering how to get more free Gems in the game, we’ve got you covered in today’s game which covers exactly this. You won’t get a ton of them, but every little bit counts and helps. Knowing all the methods is definitely an advantage, so let’s find out how to get more free gems in Angry Birds Evolution!

Don’t forget to also check out our tips and tricks for the game. They help you progress through the game faster and explain some very important in-game mechanics that you might not know about. But now let’s focus on today’s topic, which is getting more gems in Angry Birds Evolution!

Log in daily

Although not every daily log in rewards you with free gems, some do and the rewards for all the other days are great, so make sure you log in each day, even if you don’t have time to play: the more times you log in, the better your rewards!

Unlock new birds and enemies

For every new bird and enemy type that you unlock, you receive some free gems. You get more gems the rarer the bird or enemy and these are usually out of control – but do make sure that you collect your rewards because with so many birds and enemies available in the game, there’s a lot to earn here! Simply be active in the game and you’ll unlock a ton!

Complete Achievements

Focus your gameplay, especially early on, on completing the achievements. Some are easier than others, but in the end you will automatically complete them as you naturally progress through the game. Another great source of free gems in the game!

Send scouts

Once you reach a certain level in the game, your scouts have the chance of finding Gem Pigs when you send them out. This gives you a bunch of free gems, so it’s worth sending your scouts often – as soon they become available in order to increase your chances of getting more gems.

Special Events

There will be a lot of special events in the game, some of which will increase your chances of earning free gems or rewarding you with them. We have no idea when these events will start, which makes it even more important for you to log in daily in order to find about them.

Complete adventures

Mastering an adventure will reward you with a nice amount of gems each time you do so. So as soon as you get the chance to send your team to complete an adventure, do so and make sure that you meet the power requirements to max it out – because you will usually get free gems from that!

Buy Gems

It doesn’t sound like “free” but it is in a way. If you decide to spend money to purchase gems in Angry Birds Evolution, you will get more gems per dollar if you purchase the larger pack. For example, if we compare the two cheapest options, the base one gives you 250 gems, while the next one gives you 550 gems, even though you only pay double the amount for the base pack. So you’re getting 50 gems for free! The larger the package, the more free gems you get so if you’re planning to spend money in the game, it’s better to buy packs less often but of a greater value in order to get a bigger bang for your buck.

These would be the free methods of getting extra gems in AB Evolution. Do you know any extra ones? Let us know by commenting below!


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