The newly released Angry Birds 2 introduces a new mechanic in the game: spells. These will be awarded for free to players every now and then, but are usually purchasable with real money. This makes them extremely valuable, and that’s the reason why I have decided to write a complete guide to the Angry Birds 2 spells – so that you know exactly what each one does and decide when it would be best to use them – and what spells to use!

Don’t forget to also check out our Angry Birds 2 cheats and tips article with some guidelines for beginners – and after you do, continue reading this article with a complete guide to the Angry Birds 2 spells!

Important: I believe that it’s extremely important to only use spells after trying to complete (or three star) a level at least once. This way you can easily decide which of the spells should be use and you don’t risk using a random spell that will not help you win or ace the stage, in the end. Also have in mind that boss fights don’t allow you to use spells.

Now these being said, let’s check out the Angry Birds 2 spells below:

1. Golden Duck – launch them in any direction and Golden Ducks will start raining from the sky. They don’t explode or do anything special, but they are heavy and fill up the entire level, so they can be extremely useful.

2. Frost – shoot this in order to turn all the blocks in the stage into ice. This is extremely useful if you have at least one Blues card left and you are dealing with difficult stone blocks.

3. Hot Chili – this one turns a random pig in the level into a ticking bomb. Useful when you have just one hard to get pig left, or when all pigs are piled together.

4. Pig Inflater – an instant win type of spell, this inflates all pigs in the level then pops them, causing mass destruction. Very handy if you want to rank up the points or easily complete a level.

5. Mighty Eagle – launch this “homing missile” type of spell that destroys anything and everything in its path. Great at taking out series of towers that are otherwise hard to get.

These are, for now, the spells that are available in Angry Birds 2, but we are sure that in the future more will be released. Until then, these are clearly enough to keep your winning streak running, but don’t forget that they cost real money if you spend them carelessly.



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