Tools are extremely important items that you need to use when playing Amateur Surgeon 4 aka Amateur Surgeon Re-Generations. In this article, I will share with you a guide to all tools in the game and how to use them properly. If we have any tricks or tips that make it better, you will find them here. Don’t forget to also check out our general Amateur Surgeon Re-Generations tips and tricks.

And now let’s move on to some of the most interesting stuff in the game! Let’s check out below the complete guide to tools in Amateur Surgeon Re-Generations!

1. Pizza Cutter


This is a basic tool that you will use often. Whenever there is soft tissue to cut, you will have to use this. There are no speed penalties attached.

2. Stapler


Another tool you’ll be using very often. This is used to stitch all major cuts in the game. No speed penalties, use as fast as possible and make sure to optimize your time: the large cuts should be stapled with 3 taps, not more!

3. Clamp


One of the most difficult tools in the game. This is used for severed arteries and you have to learn how to use them properly.

4. Healing Gel


Another basic item, used to heal all sorts of injuries. Apply constantly until the wound disappears.

5. Tongs


Used to remove objects, cut organs and destroyed animals. You should be careful when removing items – always make sure to remove in the same direction they entered the wound.

6. Lighter


Used to cauterize wounds on most occasions, it is also useful for melting ice. Use carefully as it can would your patient if not used properly!

7. Vacuum


Used for the suction of blood, also useful for putting fires out. Don’t use it on poison (the bubbly green goo!)

8. Chainsaw


Used to cut hard stuff, usually organs. Move slowly when using it and always keep an eye on the heart rate as using it reduces the heart rate a lot!

9. Injector


Your life saver. Slowly inject it to increase heart rate. Can be used anywhere, but don’t overdo it because you lose precious seconds when you do.

10. Battery


Used to zap critters on most occasions, also good for destroying their hiding spots. Make sure to only use on critters, otherwise it deals a lot of damage!

11. Scanner


When there’s nothing you can see on the screen, use the scanner. This will show you unseen areas: tap the screen and hold, then move around until the circle goes green. Then immediately use the Pizza Cutter on that area to reveal the hidden problem.

12. Syringe


This is used to suck poison or other gooey materials that the vacuum can’t handle. You can go a little faster with it than with the injector, but usually requires more than one usage.

So these would be the tools that we can and have to use in Amateur Surgeon 4. Knowing which tool to use and exactly how to use it helps you a lot and hopefully our guide helps you understand how each of these tools work in Amateur Surgeon Re-Generations.

If you have any questions or additional comments regarding these in-game items, let us know by commenting below!


  1. Since they aren’t offering many tricks here’s one you can go super fast with chainsaw by taping the black dots instead of following the outline saves a whoooole bunch of time!!!!


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