All Wordle Answers for January 2022

How to Get Better at Wordle Beginner Guide: Tips and Cheats

Wordle is a very simple but addicting word guessing game. Players guess one new 5-letter word every day, and they have only 6 attempts to guess the word. Although the mechanics of the game are simple, it has already attracted many fans around the world. In this guide, we will tell you about the words that were made in January.

List of Answers for January 2022

Players must enter 5 letter words to find out which letters are correct for the day’s puzzle. There are three types of prompts in total. Green ones show which letters are correct and in the correct place. In yellow, letters are displayed that are also correct, but not in the right place. The letters that are not needed for that day’s puzzle are displayed in gray.

Since Wordle is updated every day at a specific time, players are motivated to guess the words every day. Here is a list of the words that were made in January:

  • January 1 – Rebus
  • January 2 – Boost
  • January 3 – Truss
  • January 4 – Siege
  • January 5 – Tiger
  • January 6 – Banal
  • January 7 – Slump
  • January 8 – Crank
  • January 9 – Gorge
  • January 10 – Query
  • January 11 – Drink
  • January 12 – Favor

Here are some tips for guessing words. For the first two attempts, use words that are made up of different letters. Then you can check more letters. If you don’t have enough clues, try using a word in the third attempt that does not contain the gray letters from previous attempts.

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All Wordle Answers for January 2022


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