All Seven Star Quests in Monster Hunter Rise Explained

Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise, like all previous entries in the series, features a huge amount of quests that will pit you against all sorts of monsters.

All quests in Monster Hunter Rise are divided between Village Quests and Hub Quests, with the latter divided into Low and High Rank quests. High Rank quests are divided into different tiers, indicated by stars, that instantly tell players how difficult they actually are, compared to others.

Among the most difficult High Rank Hub Quests currently available in Monster Hunter Rise are seven star quests. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

All Seven Star Quests in Monster Hunter Rise Explained

As already mentioned, the seven star quests in Monster Hunter Rise are among the most difficult quests available in Monster Hunter Rise. Without the best weapons, gear, and skill setup, you will have very little chance of completing them, as monsters in these quests hit hard and have tons of health.

To unlock seven star Hub Quests, you will have to complete the Can’t Kill it With Fire six star Urgent Hub Quest, where you will have to take down the fearsome Rakna-Kadaki.

Below, you will find all of the seven star Hub quests available in Monster Hunter Rise as part of the main campaign. Additional seven star quests are available as Event Quest, but they do not count towards story progression.

Seven Star Hub QuestsTarget Monsters
A Muddy Invitation (Key Quest)Almudron
A Resounding Roar (Key Quest)Tigrex
Clad in Hellfire (Key Quest)Magnamalo
Evil Afoot (Key Quest)Rajang
It’s Gonna Get You! (Key Quest)Goss Harad
Seared Situation (Key Quest)Magnamalo
Subterranean Disturbances (Key Quest)Diablos
Serpent Goddess of Thunder (Urgent Quest)Thunder Serpent Narwa
A Frosty StalemateGoss Harag
A Quartet of HornsDiablos
A Whirlwind of a StageNargacuga
Fought, Failed, Fired UpAnjanath
Occupational HazardsKhezu
Omnidirectional ThreatsRajang
Ruckus in the RuinsAlmudron

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All Seven Star Quests in Monster Hunter Rise Explained


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